Your three wishes?

March is already here and the season is approaching fast...

If you could name three wishes for the upcoming chase season, what would they be?

Here are three of mine for '05 (these are for photography, but the three wishes can be anything chase-wise!)

*Lightning with crescent moonrise
*Lightning hitting and illuminating object on the ground
*Lightning striking certain mountain peak in Arizona

If writing down your wishes converts them into goals, then they're closer to coming true! 8)

Got three wishes?
2003 and 2004 covered just about all my chasing "wishes" except for one: a high-contrast, long-track wedge tornado (such as a Manchester, SD). Hallam certainly qualified as a wedge (duh) but it was all but high-contrast, and it was 'no-contrast' during the 2nd half of it's lifetime. I did get the Osage County OK tornado on 5/8/03, but that was pretty low-contrast, and I wouldn't consider it a wedge anyways... Other than that, I'd also like to chase a day where you can leave one awesome tornadic supercell and get another awesome tornadic storm (a la June 8th 1995, May 3rd 1999, and others), without having to settle for a 'glimpse' of one...
A laptop, GPS, and a Kansas wedge or LP supercell. :lol: :lol: :lol: Maps can become a hassle! What was that about rolling the maps? :lol:
(1) First and foremost, that every tornado I see becomes a great piece of video

(2) Tornado with setting sun

(3) A classic, close-range, high-contrast violent tornado......the prototypical chaser wish
1) Someone to give me a WXWORX system!

2) To get the chase van COMPLETELY ready before the end of March!

3) To get to chase even MORE than I did last year!
My goals in no particular order:

Get new cell phone and camcorder just in time for spring
Save up for Canon Digital Rebel, or something similar
Catch tornadoes!
My three wishes...

1. Intercept the next confirmed f5 tornado.
2. Capture new exotic sprite/blue jet lightning or something even more exotic. (from a distance I suppose)
3. And finally to not get so obsessed with the intriquite details of my equipment that I fail to truly enjoy the incredible presentation of the first two.
1. That my vehicle maintains excellent working order throughout the entire season!
2. That I have an absolute blast regardless of what the weather brings.
3. I am able to chase whenever I want to get out!

No wish for certain weather cause half the fun is not knowing exactly what's gonna happen!
1. That I don't wet my pants, cry, and curl into a fetal position like I've done with every tornado I've ever seen.

2. That my 1971 Dodge chase van isn't pulled over by the police for all the red and blue strobes and lightbars festooning it.

3. Finally, that I take at least one good picture with the disposable camera I bought at Wal-mart. Last year my thumb was covering the lens on every shot I took. Couldn't see anything in the pictures except my thumb.

3.5 Bonus wish: that my new plan to probe a tornado by shooting sensors through water pistols at the tornado is finally taken seriously by Howie Bluestein.

3.75 Extra bonus wish: that Howie Bluestein will drop the restraining order.
1. To chase in all four time zones (already got the Pacific this year, Mountain and Central shouldn't be a problem, Eastern might be kinda tough though)

2. To actually see a tornado in May

3. To get tripoded footage of an entire tornado life cycle....and to make absolutely sure the camera is in manual focus while doing so
1. Obviously to see a nice tornado without any trees in the way...

2. Chase a hurricane...

3. Stay at the cabin up north near the coast of Lake Suprior for one winter, so I can actually see TONS of snow, and be able to witness what an annual average of +200 inches looks like...

Anyway, those are just wishes, LOL.. Not even a dream yet...
Originally posted by Jeff Wear
1. To chase in all four time zones (already got the Pacific this year, Mountain and Central shouldn't be a problem, Eastern might be kinda tough though)

Eastern might not to be too tough if you chase hurricanes in the fall.

My wishes are simple and modest.

1. See my second tornado
2. Chase the plains
3. Witness something beautiful and unique that I have never encountered (shouldn't be a problem for me).
Man, only 3 wishes !?!?!?!? lol

1. To see a mile wide wedge plowing through a Kansas wheatfield.

2. Win the lottery and chase in an H1 Hummer :wink: armor plated of course! ( Softball sized hail would be nothin! )

3. Get some extremely close-up video of a tornado.

and okay, maybe see the IMAX crew succeed and drive through a weak tornado safely ( would LOVE to see that footage! )
the right side eyewall of a cat 5 landfalling durring the day, and something made of steel and concrete to sit behind, which just happens to be be right next to a mobile home park.

1) Get 10+ chases in this year regardless of outcome.
2) Get at least one chase in each of ND, SD, MN, IA, and possibly WI.
3) Meet some new people.

1) See an F5 (which is something you don't wish for but have no control over the power of nature)
2) See a tornado with lots of debris (again, that debris is somebody's house so no wish, but if it happens, I want to see it)
3) Get a 10+ tornado day (still kicking myself for screwing up 5/29/04)
1: That any Tennessee Valley supercells would occur while I'm actually IN the Tennessee Valley instead of seeing them on TWC from a motel in Daytona Beach.

2: That the next time I drive under a wall cloud in the middle of the night I know what I'm doing (Hurricane Danny, North Augusta, SC, July 23, 1997).

3: That I get to run into David Hoadley again and thank him for starting this fantastic communication.

Dave Gallaher
Huntsville, AL
Justin...I'm not so sure you really want to chase in Wisconsin! Trust me.

I guess many of us have the same dream... no surprise :)

For me:

1. To see a large, long-track, high contrast, dusty wedge (with no trees, hills or buildings in the way) fairly close but not in the rain or debris and successfully capture steady video, wide angle shots and zoom photographs with slide film and the digital SLR (doesn't need to be F-5, just a wedge).

2. To enjoy time on the road with Peggy, other chasers, and locals in small towns along the way.

3. To see what new, exciting beauty will surprise me in the stormy sky. Something I could never have imagined and may never see again. I'm reminded now of Chris Gullikson's incredible Supercell structure shot with stars, lightning and a tornado at dusk (Red Cloud, NE 6-10-04). I also think of a tornado I saw on storm stories once in the middle of nowhere (shame on me for not remembering where, I think it was Jeff Piotrowski's footage). The large, powerful tornado was very white (due to sun angle of course) with dark brown/black swirls from the very dark soil in the area. Incredible.

...and of course to see my severe weather forecasts verify as close as possible to 100% of the time :D

oooh, wishes, I like those

1) That the week or so I get to go chasing is a good week, not the sort where you have to choose between unappealing and downright bad options.

2) That this March, another strong Pac low allows me to bag a tornado here in AZ with a saguaro in the image. Hey, it's called a wish, innit?

3) That there are no vehicle issues. simple!
Originally posted by Justin Turcotte
Justin...I'm not so sure you really want to chase in Wisconsin! Trust me.

Who could resist a big "cheese" wedge?!

Ellsworth, WI. The best cheese curds on the planet.

:D :D :lol: Muahahaha! You cannot resist the lure of cheese!

My goals are pretty straightforward since I'm a newbie, but...

-Get on a genuine storm chase

-Start making my own forecasts and seeing how they verify, if not, why not?, etc. Even on days when I don't chase I can forecast my virtual target area and see what happens.

-See some rotation. Doesn't have to be a wedge, just a nice cranking wall cloud like I saw (and am still kicking myself for not photographing) on June 6, 1999.
three wishes:
1. that a family member back home could have some interest in relaying radar images to me by phone if my data stream goes dead
2. that my base station will have a stream near it for fishing when Im not chasing
3. that my base station (rv ) doesnt blow away since tors are attracted to mobile homes (and probably rvs)

ps is anyone available to help on #1 - regarding phone data contact? Id happily pay a reasonable fee for a real time forecaster? anyone?
a. See more than 1 tornado this year.
b. See more than 1 tornado at the same time.
c. Stick to my target area. For real this time. I promise. :lol:
Bill, it may be worth the effort to try and convince your family members to help you out. Explain how it could benefit them e.g. pretty pictures, or try to give them some simple details of what you would expect. As long as it's not that complicated, I am sure they would be happy to comply. Unless they are completely unreasonable people like my family.