Tim Gonyo

May 28, 2005
Saukville, WI
I was wondering, does anyone here use WX WORX, and if so how much did you pay for the software, and how much per month for the XM satellite connection? I was thinking that it'd be awesome in the plains where cell phones fail, and wireless internet is not very prevalent either -- but the cost is over $1000 for the software and $99 a month for the XM satellite... maybe I'm looking at the wrong website? I dunno.. I just think that those prices are really expensive.
You'll probably get the best answer by searching the archives. XMWxWorx has been discussed at length several times, so I'm sure you can find the answers to your questions in previous threads. I don't own the unit, so I can't provide any experiences.

EDIT: I moved this to the Equipment section since it involves chase equipment.
I used WXWORX this season and the unit, to me, is worth its weight in gold. Granted there are a few things that could be modifed to make it a stellar product, at this point in time there is nothing that can touch it in the price range.

You get uniterrupted data, 24/7, anywhere in the US. Where else can you get that kind of coverage.

Shameless plug....check out the WXWORX for sale over in the marketplace. Very new unit, and much cheaper than a brand new one. You can also check on e-bay, but last time I looked they were not at any sort of discount.

So if you have the resources, pick one up and use it. You wont be sorry. The only reason I am getting rid of mine is that next summer will be very busy and I will have little time to chase.
As Jeff already mentioned, there has been many different threads in the past on Stormtrack that have already covered many different aspects of XMWxWorx. Personally, I think the software has quite a few flaws, yet can provide very excellent detail when there is no other outlets available to see what's going on (i.e. cellphones, WI-FI access). This was the only year that I used the software, but from expierence with it, I will definitely see it's worth the money, yet it VERY much needs improving!

BTW There are quite a few different plans available for the system that make it cheaper $/month. Also, once the season is over - you could just cancel the subscription, and activate it again whenever you'd like.
I used WXWorx back in 2004 and I loved it, just being able to have access to radar in the field without having to use slow dialup speed was nice.
As nick stated that "WE" used my WXworx and i love it. It was pricy but as stated before it is worth it. Just make sure you have a fast enough computer to handel it. The master mariner package is what i used this year and basically you do get all but 2-3 things that you would normally get with the Responder package. Some times if your lucky you can get the echo tops to work. But master mariner is about 49.99 50 bucks chaeper than the ground package.
Originally posted by Kurt Hulst
As nick stated that \"WE\" used my WXworx

LOL. Yeah, however, I have never used it, but it seems like it could be a good software based on what I have heard and read...I have read some reviews on it, I heard too, that it is expensive..
I got mine for $829 but I don't think that offer is valid anywhere now. I also only use the $30/month sailor pacakage(radar and sfc obs). The thing would be a complete dream if they'd just change the dbz settings a bit higher and maybe add a couple more intervals for that. More than it is the smoothing that kills it it is the top dbz level of 55 imo. But having updating surface obs and radar availbe anywhere with no input from yourself is pretty priceless(especially if chasing alone)...and for as little as $30/month.

Sometimes having that radar can prove trouble. Crap storms can look fairly decent/big while seeing any fashion of a hook on it is nearly impossible. When things 55dbz and above are purple what the hell do they expect. I hope to god they get that fixed for 2006. You also can't see boundaries on radar like you can on the net which can be costly.
Originally posted by Mike Hollingshead
Crap storms can look fairly decent/big while seeing any fashion of a hook on it is nearly impossible.

I have the $30 Sailor package and I agree, discerning a supercell from a large 'purple blob' is difficult. But when you have the shear SCITS and/or shear 'blobs' with the more expensive packages, it eliminates this guesswork. The healthy supercells are going to have persistent areas of strong shear and 'donut' markers (coffee cans, meso markers, do those things have official names?) that set them apart from cells that aren't doing anything.

If I had the extra money I'd have at least the Master Mariner (another $20 per month) which would get me the donut markers and lightning data, but I've been getting by OK without it so I'll stick to what I have.
I paid $700.00 for mine used, and it came with everything GPS mapping upgrade etc...You might check ebay form time to time or even Stomtrack since some members might sell them here first. I pay for the Master Mariner package, and it works well. But I also use other programs like Swift, Weathertap Studio and looking into GRlevel3. But when you are in the middle of nowhere and can't get a interent connection via cell phone, it is great tool. You can always shut the service off in the off season and turn it back on again, just have to pay a setup fee, but if you get the cheaper Sailor package I think it is only $30 to turn it back on. Then after that you can call back and upgrade to Master Mariner package or even the Responder package with out paying the higher setup fee. :wink: