WxWorx Maintenance

Feb 3, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
This is going to be the second season that I will be chasing with WxWorx. I know that it has only been available for the past two seasons, but I was wondering if those of you who have had it for the last two years experienced any problems that might have been avoided by some sort of maintenance?
I although this has been addressed on previous threads, the cord to the antenna is extremely flimsy. Definitely get a spare. I found one at Best Buy.

Bill Hark
You need to change the oil on it every 6 months. :twisted:

When I had my wxworx (and still plan to get another one) I was going to get one of those marine XM antennas. Looked like it would stand the elements we put it through much more than the standard one. I took a small piece of wire loom and shielded the parts of my cable that were on the outside with it.
What I was wondering is whether it would be worth my while to send it in and have bluetooth installed, even though my laptop is not blue tooth equipped. On their web page they say it will only cost $200 provided nothing else is wrong. I thought if other people were having problems after a year, durability problems, that this might be an opportunity to have these problem fixed before chase season.

I have put all my chase stuff back in my truck already and everything seems to be working alright, however my WxWorx receiver has a rattle. It seems like two of the four screws that hold the unit together have broken. I am wondering how durable the units actually are and I would like to fix any problems before chase season starts.