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WxWork Announcing Software Changes...


Here is what I learned:
  • Day One text and graphics
  • Wind threat with stepped areas of probability
  • Hail threat with stepped areas of probability
  • Tornado threat with stepped areas of probability
  • Mesoscale Discussions
  • Tornado and severe thunderstorm watchboxes with text
Other things that were mentioned was Canadian radar and surface obs.

I agree with the others, not really worth the extra $50 for stuff we get from other sources anyway such as cell, wifi, NOAA Radio. SRM would be a nice but radar resolution quality is so low it probably wouldn't add a lot.
I attended the conference and was very excited about the changes at first. Then I realized I would have to go from the $49 plan to the $99 plan and started to weigh my options. I usually have internet access most of the time to view the SPC products, but it sure would be nice if you had no internet. I am not sure what I will do, but will probably download the software changes for now and wait on upgrading. I may change my mind later though.

With XM and Sirus talking about merging I wonder how much space that would free up for Barons
FWIW, wxworx is worthless during Cold-core chases IMO. Everything looks like tiny rain showers and no shear is present. It would be good for initiation and warnings, but other than that it's no good. So before you think of activating it for this weekend, I thought I would throw that out there.