Wx worx vs. Mobile Threat net

Oct 29, 2004
Olathe Kansas
Just wondering what u guys think about each one.....which one is more reliable....pros and cons....Also, are there any good programs, that won't be requiring me to sell my kidney??? Replies will be appreciated.

oh i'm new to all these programs......sorry........what do you recommend for a guy that can't afford to drop a G on equipment????
budget chasing

I chase on a TIGHT budget each year, and I use a Weathertap account for radar (their RadarLab feature shows storm tracks and attributes). It takes just under 1 minute to load a RadarLab image via cell connection. Cheaper still (as in free) is Wx Underground Nexrad, which also has a storm track/attributes feature (I don't use it, but I know that it does have these features). Delays on the radar imagery don't seem too long either.

For analysis on the road, I go to the SPC's Forecast Tools (Mesoanalysis Graphics); there you can get various RUC's-based convective parameters, and various indices, etc.

It is not a perfect system, but when connections on the road are slow and/or intermittent, it provides enough data to help. The low cost enables me to splurge and pack some Little Debbies in my cooler along with living off of PB & J for 2 weeks!