WX WORX shear markers

I have been playing with WX WORX and have noticed round circles which labels a "shear storm." I am assuming it is picking up a couplet as I am used to seeing when using WeatherTap.

What is the significance of the two measurements with the shear marker? They give a width of the area and the speed of the shear. When is it just an area of roatation vs a TVS?

Bill Hark
I don't pay attention to those shear markers for the most part. I usually don't even turn on the tracks option unless I want to see the speed of a particular storm. I don't know how they generate the shear info. I would imagine it is just a couplet. I am sure it isn't a TVS.
The shear SCITs are the most useful algorithm output available publicly... They've never failed me on-air, and while don't always mean a tornado is present I've never had them on two consecutive volume scans without some sort of severe weather being associated.

It indicates a strong circulation, and tells you the strength and width of that circ.

- Rob