Joey Ketcham

Anyone who knows me personally knows the passion and love I have for storm chasing. Next to photography, storm chasing is my 2nd passion in life. Since I first began observing storms when I was 13 in my backyard, I've had many memorable encounters with mother nature that has allowed me to better understand thunderstorms and the elements associated with it.

Unfortunately storm chasing this past year has taken a toll on me financially, it has left me playing catch up on my credit cards - a lesson learned when it comes to credit cards. Regretfully, I will not be partaking in storm chasing for the next few years, instead I am going to focus more on my photography and my goals in the future career wise.

Also I am going to work towards becoming more active with the skywarn program in my county and start off by getting my ham radio licenses this winter. I am not giving up on storm chasing, I just will not be doing so at least for next year or the year after or until I can get caught up on bills and become financially stable.

As a result of this decision, I have several different things I'm selling that includes my WX Worx System with the software and GPS Mapping update for at least $650 and a variety of books.

I have uploaded a document with everything listed at If you're interested in any of these items, email me at [email protected].

First come, first served


maybe some of the more organized chase groups could purchase it and share the costs...

have you tried pitching it to Emergency Management types?

or talk to local utilities... electric companies might have an interest in "leasing" it for a year to determine it's abilities...if not officially, then maybe by an individual.

Or :shock: Email local tv mets... they love toys. :lol:

They often have more paycheck than brains, anyway, right?! :wink: