Wx Worx Receiver Problems

Feb 23, 2004
Englewood, Colorado
Anybody here ever had them? Mine is now having a problem when it tries to identify the service level. It checks off boxes 5 and 6, but then not the others, so it never gets to the point where it knows it's set for the ground package, and it doesn't start pulling down data. I also noticed that the error rate for Sat 2 is off the chart (>999), which seems to indicate that some part of the reciever may be broken. I've gotten the exact same results on 2 different computers, so that pretty much rules anything else out. I'll be calling the Wx Worx people on Monday (they don't answer their phones on non-business days) to see if this is a common problem. I'd like to hear if anybody else has had an issue like this, and if so, how it was resolved.
wx receiver

I have wx worx and have the master mariner pkg and just today upgraded it for next weeks chase to the ground responder pkg. It has been 6 hrs since done that and it still says master mariner. I called xm and they said that it shows active and to call wx worx (which is closed on the wk end). So I'll have to wait. I dont have any trouble with the xm levels. The main window of XmLink shows signal quality data that is periodically delivered by the radio. In addition to the general status, the Bit Error Rate (BER) for both satellites and any ground repeater is shown. Low values of BER indicate good reception. When a very high BER is associated with a source, it is shown as >999, which essentially means no signal. It is not necessary to receive both satellites. Excellent performance can be obtained from only one.
John when mine was doing that it was because I needed to update my driver. I don't even know what a driver is so I can't help you out. I just no that is what was wrong with mine and as a result not all of the boxes would get check marks in them. Just be sure and ask about getting the updated drivers when you talk to tech support. It took them 5 days to figure it out when I was having problems with it.