Wow, rain in WRN OK!

Dec 26, 2004
Booneville, KY
It sure looks strange to see 40 and 50 dbz returns in WRN OK, advancing E and NE. But I must say, knowing the situation there, it also looks good. With any luck, maybe the rain area will expand and this will hold together until it can reach C OK. Hopefully this week will be kind to that region with some much needed rainfall.
It's all missing us here in OUN to the north as it races away to the east. Oh well, not like we're used to rain or anything :roll:
Shane, that is truly amazing. I was watching the rain area build SWRD and I was thinking that surely OUN would get something. But it looks like by the time it got there, the closest wimpy excuse for a shower was 5 miles N of OUN. Unreal. Ah well, there may be some more opportunities in the coming days. I hope you guys get something.