Wifi antenna question

Feb 5, 2004
Celina, Ohio
A question for you HAM / electronic folks - I'm building a home made mobile WiFi antenna and was wondering if they are to be horizontally or verticaly (assumed) polarized? - Thanks - Jon Miller
Thanks for the info on polarity.
I built one of these "cantenna" type which are easy to build and had about $15 in it for cost but it's relatively large in size:

Also I'm finishing up on a double bi-quad antenna which is much smaller in size but harder to build - it's hard to get the wire bent exactly as they show it:

Haven't tried either as I'm just now trying to get my mobile WiFi set up.

Jon Miller
Originally posted by Edward Ballou
How then do you connect those to your computer? Are there pictures detailing this at all?

You use a "pigtail" which is microwave grade coax cable with a RF connector on one end and usually a MC Card type connector on the other. Then connect to the RF connector on the antenna and the MC Card type connector to the external antenna plug on a wifi card. To avoid customization, you need a wifi card with a external antenna plug. Most cards use a MC Card type connectors but there are others.