What radar site do you chase with?

Mar 12, 2004
well,since i just now got me laptop notebook,i am fixing to use it in the field.right now,i have weathertap here at the house,and probably out in the field when i get everything set up in my car.
i was wondering,with so many of you being active chasers,what radar
site(s)do ya'll use?
Using GRL3 is much faster since the file sizes are smaller, and allow you to pan/zoom without lowering resolution of the data (which you cannot do with most web interfaces.)
GRL3 is obviously the best source for radar when you have internet available... The next best thing would be WxWorx, which is available all the time - as it's delievered to you via XM Satelite.
Usually the closest one to the storm. My local radar on Long Island has a hard time seeing all the way to the plains. :) :)

GRLevel3 is the tool to have. Take that $10 that you spend on Weathertap and get a more reliable data feed from Allison House (Tyler Allison) and you've got a winning combo.
I use WeatherTap Studio, and WxWorks so far. I am looking at Stormlab or GR level 3 for next year. From what everyone has said, looks like GR Level 3 to be the winner for next year. Question for those who use GR Level 3, how well does it work with cell phone connections?
When an internet connection is available, I really prefer to use GRLevel3, because of the functions and other operations it has that many websites do not. And, it is not too expensive, if you have a small budget. But if your out in the field chasing, and no internet connection is available, then the best choice would be something like WxWorx (Mobile Threat Net) I suppose...
I prefer using Storm Lab 3.1 and Swift WX. I've had excellent results with both programs, but they can be a bit on the pricey side, but the cost is well worth it.
Originally posted by carey libby
with so many of you being active chasers,what radar site(s)do ya'll use?

This will obviously depend on what area is being covered Carey; I personally use GRlevel3 and "tile" the display with the radar sites in a given area; in some cases one site will give a better picture than another despite proximity to a storm.

Having a map handy of the sites for your area of choice would be a good idea; I personally put all of them into my map program (MS S&T) for quick reference. There's also radar site overlays for GRLevel3; I assume some of the other packages do this as well.
GR3 is what I use also, and with WIFI virutally everywhere you go, it doesn't take long to connect. However, I think I will purchase wxworx next year, and I hope they make some improvements to it that others have brought to light.
What particularly do you folks prefer about GR3 versus Weathertap - such as Weathertap Radarlab or Weathertap Studio?
Originally posted by Bill Tabor
What particularly do you folks prefer about GR3 versus Weathertap - such as Weathertap Radarlab or Weathertap Studio?

I can't make a comparison of features since I haven't used weathertap, however the fact that GRlevel3 doesn't involve subscription fees is a plus for me.
Since GR3 offers a free trial, and I think WXTap does too, I think the best way to answer that question is try yourself...
GRLevel3 -
GIS Line file mapping (Street level).
Pan and zoom.
GPS aware.
Can look at more than on radar site by running multiple apps.
Does it's own rendering making smaller downloads.
If the computer supports it, you can "smooth" the radar data (I don't, but some people love it).
Easy screen captures in PNG format.
Level III radar information is free (NOAA public Servers aren't always reliable though. This is "fixable" using data feeds from other sources).
Warning Polygons are displayed on screen and are users on/off selectable along with TVS, Shear, and Hail markers
METAR information on screen.
Vertical Wind Profiles available
Can view up to 4 radar products in a single window.

I can't say too much about Weather Tap. I've only seen it a few times. It appears that it loads Gif files from the internet. It's browser based. Zooming is there, but appears only to be zooming on the previously rendered image.
thanks everyone for replying.since i have only used wxtap for the last 6 years,i know this is going to sound strange,but at website do you find the GR3 that everyone is using?