What lenses do you carry?

I have a Canon EOS-10D digital SLR and EOS Elan 7. For lenses I have an 18-23mm, 28-80mm, and 70-300MM L lens. That provides me with everthing I need :)
I recently overhauled my lens collection from primes to a hybrid prime/Lzoom setup... my current setup is:

Canon 50mm f/1.4 Prime

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L

Canon 17-40mm f/4 L

We'll see how this works for the upcoming season; I will MISS my old 300mm f/4 L prime.

Canon 10D w/ Sigma "el cheapo" 28-90, and a Canon 85-210 f4. I did get a wild hair and decided to mate the Olympus Wcon-10 (.45X Wide Angle) to the Sigma. Surprisingly, it works out pretty well. There is some distortion, but unless I'm doing a pano, it's really not noticable until you get close in.

I'm torn between getting a couple of the nice third party lens (simply can't afford the price of Canon L's) or going with a better video set up.

Oh yeah, I usually have an Olympus E-10 along for the ride too. Not the greatest camera for weather, but for other stuff, It's very hard to beat. I really think it and it's sibling the E-20, are two of the best Digital Portrait cameras around!
I currently use a Nikon N65
I haven't gotten into the digital yet since 1 i cant really afford it at the time.

But for lenses i just bought a sigma for nikon 15-50mm wide angel so far it seems to work well.

I also have a Nikor 28-80mm it came with the camera body

I also have a Quantary for nikon 28-200mm. Its a cheaper brand but no complaints. it performed well last year 2004.

And last but not least and very rarely used is a Tamron for nikon 100-300mm
I'm dragging around a boat anchor's worth of old Canon stuff:

Two manual focus bodies; a T-90 "The Tank" and A1 "The Brick".

8 prime lenses, fairly evenly spaced, from 20 to 200mm.
20/2.8, 24/2.8, 28/2.8, 35/3.5, 50/1.4, 85mm/1.2, 135/3.5 and 200/4.

One of these days, I'll nab a 20~35/3.5 L zoom, killing 4 birds at once. The midrange zooms aren't so appealing, they're all slow and probably not as sharp as my prime glass. There is one, the 50~135/3.5, I'd like to test. I'd also like the faster 200/2.8, and as much 300mm juju as $ will allow.

When chasing or shooting anything moving, I usually have both bodies handy, pre-mounted with the lenes I hope I'll need.

A few years back, when I got my scanner, I realised how soft my Sigma 24 and 50-macro lenses were. I've been all Canon ever since, although there are a few Tokina ATX lenses I wouldn't mind using.

Throw into the mix a 25mm extension tube, Slik DX700 'pod, and a surprisingly sharp 3rd party 2X converter (Made in Japan, forget the name).

...No, I don't/can't carry all this stuff all at once...

One of these days, I'll make the plunge to a DSLR. I don't know which characteristic will take more getting used to: autofocus or the whole all-digital paradigm. ;)

Here are a few images I've got laying around in small jpeg format.


I shoot with a Canon Elan 7 and Canon 20-35mm, 28-90mm, and 75-300mm lens. Unfor I don't own any L glass but as soon as I purchase a 20D I will start saving for an upgrade in glass. I know some people swear by "IS" lens but I have yet to have any problem not having it...I have actually had great results not even using a tripod. This photo was taken on June 12th in Mulvane, standing up, no strap, handheld, at 300mm: http://www.darkskyproductions.com/2004/jun...004-R2-22c.html This resized photo doesnt do it much justice but all the pieces of debris are clear and sharp.

Another one of my favorites was taken with my 28-90, iirc it was at 28mm, handheld, on the same date as the photo above: http://www.darkskyproductions.com/2004/jun...004-R2-24c.html

Unfor I don't have much of my photos online but I hope to change that quickly. As soon as I get some of this summers Colorado shots I will add some examples from the 20-35mm.

Graham Butler
[email protected]
I have the Canon Digital Rebel and the following lenses:

Canon 28-135 IS
Canon 50mm 1.8
Canon 17-40L

I use the 28-135 as my general purpose "walk around" lens. The 17-40L is new and I hope to get some good shots with it while chasing this year. The 50mm is great for portrait and low light shots... and it's only about $80.

Next on the wish list is the 70-200L or the 70-300 DO IS. I like the range of the 70-300, but for that money it's hard to pass up the L glass.
I primarily use the Canon 28-135 IS on my 20D. I like the versatility of its zoom range, and it produces good images for its cost. The image stabilization is an added bonus that helps in low light situations.

I also have the Canon 18-55 EF-S kit lens that came with the camera... I don't use this one as much but it's the only wide angle lens I have. It produces acceptable images at narrower f-stops but wide open it's quite soft. Not so good for low-light (i.e. dark clouds overhead).

Does anyone have experience with the new Canon EF-S 10-22 mm? I'm thinking about getting one before spring starts for super-wide angle shots.
This season, I'll be using a Canon EOS-20D with a Sigma 24-70 DG DF Macro EX. I'm looking to get a nice wide angle and telephoto prime...
When I was doing my research to buy a digital DSLR camera, I was disapointed that the 1.6x crop factor of most cameras would make it difficult to get a nice wide angle image. A lot of people on the photography forums were impressed with the Sigma 15mm fisheye lens and there were a few articles on how to defish this lens if you wanted a perfectley rectingular image. I picked up this lens to use with my D-Rebel and was amazed at how well it works as a wide angle lens. It doesn't have the drastic fisheye look to it on the 1.6x cameras and I am able to use most of my photos without defishing the image.
It is a very sharp lens and provides very nice star images out to the corners when shooting Auroras. It's a fairly bright lens at 2.8 and I have been able to catch some fantastic storm features and large tornados in very dark conditions. I always use this lens in manual focus mode and leave the focus on infinity.
I would like to get the Sigma 12-24 EX lens, but the price of the 15mm fisheye cannot be beat for the quality and usefullness of the lens.

Chris Gullikson