Sigma 15-30mm EX DG lens for Canon


Just picked up a different wide angle lens, so I'm selling my Sigma 15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 EX DG lens. I have used it the last two chase seasons with fantastic results!

Comes with everything seen below (except the storms!)

Will sell to a Stormtrack member for $265 shipped. They are going anywhere from $275 to $350 used on ebay. PM me or respond to the thread with any questions. Thanks!

Some reviews from the Fred Miranda site:

if you don't need wider than 15mm than this lens is a bargain. I used this lens for youears without any problems, only the AF was loud. Lens is much sharper than the Sigma 10-20DC lens, very good from f7.1 and the corners are sharp from f9-f11. Lens has flare if you shoot into the sun because of the big front element but if you leave the metal lens hood on the lens then it's better. A bargain for your money!

The images taken with this lens are very good and on par with Canon L zooms I own. Versatile focal range - terrific on a crop body. You need to watch for purple flare, but overall, a very good lens at any price level. Highly recommended.

I just got this today used from ebay, what a real gem of a lens. I think I paid about the right price, maybe a bit high but the quality of it more than makes up for it. Its really sharp on my 50 and 5d, have yet to see how it performs on my EOS 3. I mainly do architecture so the barrel distortion at 15mm is a bit of a let down but I have only shot at 20 and 24mm before so might not use the ultra wide on my full frame cameras. The distortion is easily fixed in PT lens and is not bad at the longer end. I have tried to coax some flare out of it as some reviews say this is a problem but I really only got some in very bright sun, I will see how it goes.

I have 2 of these fantastic lenses, one for Nikon crop camera I use and one foe FF Canon 1Ds. The both are super sharp and don't far behind Canon and Nikon zoom lenses. If your on a tight budget or just like great value for your $$ then I would recommend this lens. I see very little differance in quality, if I don't pixel peep.

A few images I took with the lens:


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