What is wrong with GR Level 3 tonight?

I have been nowcasting for several people this evening and viewing 3 different radar sites....KUEX, KOAX and KDMX. On all of those, I have had no storm tracks, no Storm Relative Velocity displays, no storm tables and no meso/tvs/hail markers. It seems nearly every function besides the base reflectivity and warning outlines isn't working.

Any idea what the problem is? Seems everyone using GR tonight has said the same thing.

I just fired up Weather Tap and it seems to be working fine. So is this a GR problem or is some other cause the problem?
It's an NWS server problem, completely independent of the software used (e.g. GRLevel3). WeatherTap, and some other online resources, get their data off of NOAAPORT, not through the FTP NWS server like GRLevel3 and, apparently, StormLab (as Dan noted). NOAAPORT is very expensive, and requires a direct connection to the NOAAPORT network. Products will be down, I'm assuming, until NWS IT folks can fix the problem.
Thanks Jeff. Now it makes sense. I thought all of that stuff came from the same source, but I guess I was wrong.

Hopefully it will get fixed soon. I had a chaser that was in close proximity to an appendage tonight near York and I had no way of advising him if there was rotation within it because SRV mode was down and all I had was base reflectivity to go by.

Being Weather Tap data comes from somewhere else, I'll keep it open also tomorrow, just in case.
Here's the official word about the data problem:

OFFICIAL RESPONSE: Main Central Server has been down all day and they have been working on it RAPIDLY all day. This info comes straight from Maryland. Unfortunately this is all we get to deal with. There is NO ETA on when this will be fixed but they continue to work on it!
It looks like the data is back up in some aspects. I hope its all back by Friday, I'm expecting some good activity to roll through MI and need all the data I can if my car isn't fixed so I can do some 'armchair chasing'.