What does this look like to you?

Caught this pic last Thursday in front of my house; pretty scary....What does it look like to you?
Here is the actual page link to get a better look....too small on here.http://thumb4.webshots.com/t/56/156/4/50/24/400545024JOosAE_th.jpg
The link you supplied is the same image. I can't make it out....too small. What is the actual size of the image that you loaded to webshots? Can you post your gallery link?
Originally posted by Steve Miller TX
I'm quite curious to know how they are able to do that.

They check the 'referrer' portion of the header. Everytime you 'click' on a link the website knows the page you just came from. If the referrer isn't their own domain then they know you came from outside and the website will redirect your connection to a "go away" message or some such thing.

It's an effective way of blocking postings like yours...but it's no good for blocking the actual download of the image. You just have to cut and paste the URL into your browser instead.

In fact there is no way to block the downloading of any image. If I can view it with my browser..I already have it ;)
Originally posted by Tyler Allison
They check the 'referrer' portion of the header.

I knew about the headers, but didn't think it was possible to do that with an image alone. However, thinking about it more this morning after a good night's sleep, I can see how it's easily done with server-side script. Interesting. :)
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The link is not working.

It's like what Tyler said earlier, they are checking the source url of the request. When using IE, I get a "not authorized" message. But, with that link still in the window, if you click on "Go" on the address bar, it works.

It's all my fault because I suggested to Chris that he load them to webshots and link to them there. So, I went ahead and loaded it to my site. Lesson learned. :)


It appears as this could easily pass as a nice bowl shaped funnel, but yet, it would greatly help to know what direction we were looking, and as Steve mentioned earlier, any signs of rotation, and duration. It does also appear that there could be some sort of RFD associated with it, maybe helping convince furthermore this was a funnel. All in all, interesting pic.
Yeah, its basically impossible for any of us to really tell you what it is, since we didnt actually see this take place. Really have to know where on the storm it was...and if it was actually rotating. It looks like it could pass as a small funnel, but it could pass even easier as simply a low cloud under a storm base.
Tell me, what their rotation in this thing, was it sustained? It is impossible to really say, without some information. Looks like a small cloud extrusion or bowl shape funnel.
When the actual storm got close enough to where I could see it, it did appear to be rotating. My wife was actually in Waco,Tx. and driving towards this storm and I told her that to me it appeared to be rotating and to watch out as she was driving straight for it. When I took the pic, I was looking S-SE. I later pursued the storm and caught what appeared for a short time to be a wall dropping, but after looking closer I believe it was a scud.