'We're in a (bleep) tornado!' store

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It only takes a handful of a state legislators somewhere to make a very large headache for chasers. Im sure a few were watching CNN today...just something to think about.

Well at least on the bright side most of the time law enforcement is busy during a tornado, so harassment under the meso is not a real issue, but driving to a storm is a another story.

It would be a real pain in the butt to make life miserable for chasers. For one, how can it be argued chasing is not spotting and what you are doing is chasing vs spotting? The gray area is so big messing with chasing messes with spotting. Then of course you have the general "what are you doing" aspect. I might be driving a DOW towards a supercell but does it mean I am storm chasing? I might be going to visit my auntie :lol:

Then there is the issue of state laws, it is doubtful anything major would ever emerge in all the chase states and it is very unlikely something national would ever be put through.
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