weather station smashed

Our Met department has a Davis Pro weather station. This morning, I was in our lab and decided to get the latest weather stats. When I tried doing so, the display was showing weird readings. So the Professor and I decided to check it out.

When we got there, we noiced problems immediatly. The metal lock on the gate was broken, and the station itself was smashed up with what looks like a baseball bat.


Some people are a$$holes... Wonder what satisfaction they actually got outta destroying a weather station...

Guess they don't think about the effort to reward ratio - They did all that work to destroy someone elses property, and what did they get? Nothing (except maybe in trouble if they got caught)...
Hmmmm, I wonder what Dan Cook's grades have been recently.
That sucks big time! I guess they figure weather and the knowledge learned from the unit doesn't affect them. I bet they would hate it if you did that to their Playstation.
If anyone has seen the Simpson episode where Homer destroys the weather station on the mock-Hollywood hill, they would probably blame it on Homer! :D

too bad for the station though :( on the lookout for a tall, stocky, middle aged, balding, yellow skinned man with four fingers on each hand, last seen wearing blue jeans and a white polo shirt. He goes by the name Homer Simpson, and is wanted for multiple accounts of wanton destruction of weather stations in his home town of Springfield. He is believed to be connected to a recent event in Macomb, IL. Simpson allegedly used a baseball bat in the attack. He is considered armed and extremely stupid. :D :D :D :lol: :lol:

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These were no doubt outlaw chasers with nothing left to lose. Desperate people.

LOL, will probably be a huge public outcry to regulate chasing too eh? :lol: :wink:
My weather station was also vandalized last week.

ALL of my cables (7 total to all the sensors) on my vantage wireless pro were cut with scissors while the unit was in my backyard. It's been in the same place for almost a year.

I had to mail it off to Davis Instruments in California. The repair has cost me $105!!! :twisted:

When I get it back this Friday, my friend and I are mounting it on a THIRTY foot pole, cementing it into the ground and strapping it into the side of my condo with large bolts.

Lets see anyone try and mess with it then!
Dan -- did the Prof fail anyone recently?

Austin -- any neighbors complain about your wind vanes being an eyesore?

I strongly believe that wx stn vandalism doesn't lend itself to random hooliganism, unless it's sitting out in the middle of a field or a parking lot. Or there are obvious bored 13 year olds nearby.

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Ok it appears we have a serial station killer on the loose now.

:shock: Uh oh, my weather station is giving some funny readings... My guess is the battery needs to be changed (it's in wireless mode)
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Austin -- any neighbors complain about your wind vanes being an eyesore?

No complaints related to that.

However, I did find out what happened. It turns out my neighbor has a mentally ill sister that lives with him. She's at home all day while hes working at the lab. He believes she came in the backyard and cut the cables to my weather station because of her disorder. Also, my satellite tv cables and internet cables were cut!

To take away my weather is one thing but to deprive me of satellite and internet over a weekend is another. It really pissed me off!

Apparently she's cut peoples cables before. Her ex-husband claims she punched holes in his septic tank and cut some telephone wires on his property.

How's that for a story??
Hey Austin, is this person who has the mentally ill sister going to reimburse you? Gee, sounds like she needs a nanny.

All this talk of the serial weather station killers has me wondering if I need to have surveillance on mine. Sure hope my neighbor who shares the fence that my station is mounted to is not mad at me....better bake him some cookies just to make sure he is happy! :D

And all this time I thought the squirrel was the only threat to my setup I had........... :shock: :lol:
Carrie, watch out for racoons. One turned an anemometer of mine into an ice cream scoop. :D Going back to Dan's situation, When will people grow up :cry: Now thats just stupidly stupid.
My anemometer is 17 feet up a PVC pipe, but my rain bucket is on the fence. Have seen the squirrel lookin' in there before and am a little concerned he may jump in and take a gander when he is going to come for some of his corn. So far, so good. Have yet to see a racoon in my area. *knocking on wood*
Living in an apartment complex where I sometimes have to deal with drunks pounding on my window and throwing beer bottles at my window at 3am, my weather station surprisingly hasn't fallen victim to any vandalism yet...then again all I have is a thermometer probe and 4-inch rain gauge that don't really draw attention to themselves. I actually don't think most people know what that stuff outside my bedroom window day I was startled to see someone come up to my window and say into my thermometer probe, "Why do you have a microphone on here?" Oh man I wish I got video of that!!!!
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I know this is an old topic but I got my weather station back up now sits 40 feet above the ground out of the reach of crazy neighbors!

Its official elevation (ASL) is 7,275 feet.

That's cool... I didn't know you could put your own weather station on Weather Underground (maybe that's because I never messed with it, LOL?). I just signed up, and will have my weather station up and running on that site soon. My station is located on the top of the garage on a 20 foot pole (so it's about 30 feet AGL), so no destruction by whacky neighbors :wink:
Putting your weather station on Weather underground is a good deal. They give you a free member account when you setup your station on their page which means no pop-ups or imbedded ads.

I use WxSolution version 1.6 connected to my Davis Vantage Pro. WxSolution sends my stations data to Wunderground every 15 minutes.

FYI: Ambient weather ( has a good package deal for all types of weather stations that includes the Davis weather logger and their proprietary virtual weather station. The data logger is required to upload your stations current conditions to the internet. The price for this package is $139 which is about $30 less than you can get the logger from Davis your get their free virtual weather station software.
UWGB also has a weather station. It hasn't been vandalized yet, but with some of the idiots we have on campus it's probably only a matter of time. Maybe a protective electric fence is in order...