Weather Software for Handheld Pocket PC

Mike Sharp

Hi Gang, although I have made a few posts under Everything Else,this is my first serious posting.
I am trying to find out if there is any software out there to run on my Ipaq 3950. I realise that there is not a great deal anyway that works well for Europe - We just don't have the coverage like you do.
I already run Weatherplot which is a UK written program that produces charts using SYN,UPA and METAR data which has to come from the US, I actually download these from 'COD' and am seriously considering WXSIM for use on the main PC but what I want is something that will run on the handheld - Takes up less space, no problems with hard disc crashes when mobile and hitting a pothole. I am considering using APRS to collect data from fellow hams who transmit their WX data.
To my misforture I have found laptops, and 4X4 vehicles can have problems INTERESTING over potholes. hence the pocket PC idea. using Compact Flash cards I can down load data before going out