Weather fax receivers

I was reading up on weather fax receivers and I was wondering if anybody here had any experience with them, especially while on a storm chase. I can imagine it'd be pretty convenient to receive satellite data in real time, especially since the WxWorx satellite feed is useless.
Since you only get a picture when the satellite passes over, and would need a good signal to get something usable, I can't imagine it offers that much of an advantage...
definately not a good idea out mobile, plus the antenna needs to be steady otherwise you cannot decode properly.
PC hungry when decoding images.
I run a dedicated PC just for WX sat imaging.
Get hold of a copy of Satscape (freeware) to check out how infrequent the passes are.
The best set up for most frequent updates would be using meteorsat or eutelsat but the equipment and software can be bulky also can you handle a 500mb file being processed on the road.