Video of Wedge Tornado in Western KY.

Michael Auker

That was the Madisonville tornado. Very nice couplet in that radar image you saved from the Madisonville storm, I guess it is no surprise it caused such extensive damage. It was apparently a mile and a half wide!
Broc Ogelsby, Hopkins County Emergency Management Services director, said the twister cut a path about a mile and a half wide. \"It's a war zone,\" he said.

I must say though, I am happy to hear there weren't more deaths with these storms than the 1 that's been reported thus far. I was very fearful yesterday watching those strong couplets on radar and hearing reports of so many places getting hit that it would be far worse.

It appears that the time of day helped tremendously (daytime event as opposed to late night). Also, the recent Evansville tornado may have had people in these areas more on guard than they might have been otherwise.

Whatever the case, I am really glad that this didn't become another double digit fatality event.
Originally posted by Saul Trabal
So-was this a multi-vortex nado? This beast looks like an F4 or F5.

Because of the principle of energy cascade, I doubt that there is a way that this tornado could only have a single vortex tornado. So, yes, I think it was a multiple vortex tornado.

In regards to its intensity, tornado width is a reasonable proxy for tornado intensity based on study by Harold Brooks. The larger the tornado, the higher the F-scale rating tends to be. I suppose this might be due (in part) to the fact that if a tornado is wider, it tends to hit more stuff. Of course, as we know, a big tornado isn't necessarily strong and a small tornado is not necessarily weak.