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Uhh, possibly a slight chance of rain for Amarillo...

Hi Jason -

Is it really THAT dry out the Amarillo way? I haven't been paying attention this summer.......but I thought I saw you guys getting soaked on occasion.

Here in OUN things were getting fairly dusty and arid till this past week which came as a welcome break. Of course - that welcome break of rain also comes with the added work of mowing the lawn every 48 hours to avoid growing Little Amazon in our backyards.........

I recall that last winter the Texas Panhandle had some INSANE precipitation totals - along with some equally crazy snowfall amounts. I guess it dries out pretty quickly out there, though. I know there was speculation on how the extremely wet winter and early spring earlier this year could possibly affect ground moisture and dewpoints out there for the chase season.......but as far as I know nothing ever came of it.

Then again........the Tx. Panhandle did have a pretty good chase year, too.....hmmmmmm.

Well it rained like mad this past weekend in the S panhandle and NW TX... I was there attempting to hike ;) in the canyons.

Yeah I think they got like 20 inches near my brother in law's land north of Abilene. His property is now like one big lake.
The southern panhandle and south plains have been getting hammered with big rains lately. I know about a week or so ago, Dalhart was 6 inches below normal for the year and Amarillo proper was about 2 inches below normal. Some parts of the panhandle and south plains are getting the good rain and some parts are not. That's just the way it goes I guess.