TV station radar images from 5/30/2004 Indianapolis tornado

I have accessed the WSR-88D archives for this event, but was wondering if anyone had any TV station radar images saved from that event (or knew of any on the web). Here's a look at the storm from the Fort Knox radar (LVX). The red dot denotes the location of the low level gate-to-gate shear.

None of the Indy TV stations radars are of any value.

Interesting that an Indy TV station used this event in their VIPIR promo, but the chief met didn't know red vs green definition (said red meant inbound winds and green were away) and ended up drawing the rotation backwards! He revoiced it when they did their severe weather special but still had the arrows he drew in the wrong direction...

- Rob
I don't have the second cell which ended up being much stronger (I was out chasing it) but I do have an earlier image of the first cell on that day that which was also tornado warned. My friend Dave visually spotted our first funnel north of the Trafalgar area as this pushed through southwestern Johnson county and through the Franklin area.

Courtesy WISH-TV:
[Broken External Image]: