TS Arlene Chase Highlight Video

Dec 19, 2003
South Florida
Back in South Flordia after the long 48hrs on the road for our little June storm Arlene. Below is a video highlight clip of my chase on the east side of Pensacola Bch, Florida.


Jeff, I was just west of you at Perdido Key, I ended up dead centering landfall but the nice clear eye it had gotten covered in right before landfall. I was considering bumping over to pensacola to get the eastern 'eyewall' but I figured the pass bridge was closed as they close it at 50 mph. If i were to put together a video it would look pretty much like yours but a little less severe surge.

Poor perdido key is still ravaged from Ivan. Debris is piled up everywhere and some houses that were destroyed havent even been touched yet. I'm really thankful for the people of that area that this storm wasnt very strong.

Over all it was a pretty crappy storm but a fun way to kick in the 2005 tropical season. Oh and good seein' ya over in Haskell on the 13th.