Trouble With Holux GM-210 GPS


I'll be chasing several hundred miles from home, yet my GPS shows my vehicle at my house on my laptop screen. Has anyone else had this happen? Tech support seems a bit baffled.:confused:
Do you have tinted windows in your car/van? - I have found that these can block the GPS radio waves from reaching your GPS reciver.

etherway from what you are describing - your GPS is not feeding a signal to your laptop when you are on the move....
I don't have tinted windows and I've also had the gps antenna on the roof thinking that the xm antenna might be interfering. It just started doing this recently. Up until now it has worked fine. The computer knows that the antenna is plugged in, but keeps my vehicles position at my home, so you're right, the info relating to where my vehicle actually is is not being fed into the computer.
Heya Pete, here is what I think it might be.

- Something you installed is providing a conflict with the GPS device or driver in some way. The GPS software appeared able to recgnoize a good number of sattelites but it appeared to repeat the next step over and over. When it worked on 3-12 we had gone to it's system menu and told it to cold-boot and then left it on for hours. Then we hit stop and WxWorx FINALLY decided to recgnoize it.


2. There may be some mechanical issues releated to the GPS. The problems it was showing did not respond to the usual remedies (updating driver, system restore, changing com ports, et cetera). After exhausting any suggestions from here you might consider tossing it and buying a quick start GPS from Ebay (which you can get for as little as $25-$35).

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I had a similar problem with Street Atlas 2006. I read through the forums and found out that MANY had problems getting to the satellites. Fortunately, the problem was just downloading a "serial emulator", for the program. Now it works fine. (Tried it again with my new laptop, same problem, serial emulator downloaded, and now it works).

Perhaps the Holux has something like this?
Thanks Scott and Dick. I'll try your suggestions and see if it will work. If not, I'll look into something new and inexspensive like what you were recommending Scott.
Just FYI, GPS is on 1575 mhz receive, and XM is on 2332-2345 mhz receive, both are receive antennas so I dont think they would interefere with each other. Sounds like you may have discovered the cause though.
Thanks for mentioning that though Mike. I didn't realize what the two frequencies were.