As an aspiring CG artist/developer, this is something that definietly appeals to me. The graphics have a little ways to go in terms of photorealism, but they may make up for that in physical realism. I've tried my own hand at rendering a tornado:


I can tell you that producing a 3D object with smoothly changing density and participating media is not easy. Especially trying to animate it. Solid objects with shiney plastic textures are old hat, but trying to generate realistic clouds in 3D is still cutting edge.
3D Rendering/Modeling is quite difficult, I have been doing it for about 4 years, with a program called Cinema 4D. What makes modeling weather, and atmospherical objects a hassle, is the in-animation of the objects and the textures/density, available to the naked eye. Nice render Skip!
I have played a little with 3d rendering, and I'll agree with everyone that it is hard to do when trying to replicate gaseous objects, not to mention realistically. Although I haven't tried tornadoes I have tried to do an explosion, and it was rather hard(for me) and time consuming. You can see it at the adress: I feel the images at the site could be better but learning such an 'art' takes time, one that I kinda stopped trying very hard at a while ago.
That is pretty impressive with the explosion. I wasnt sure if there was to be sound but I'm thinking that is a no. But when I played it I would get a few crackles.
Alright, here is my only tornado animation from the days of MS Paint and primitive GIF animation programs, circa 1995. Good for at least a laugh.

Supposed to be a house - the 'camera' is panning with the tornado. :lol:

There were some of these that were done several years ago (by who I forget) that were hilarious, one is something like a little stick figure guy reacting when a storm knocks over a tree on his house. Wish I could find those.