Tornado Sirens

Mar 10, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
Just sitting here playing on the computer and have noticed that the county has activated the tornado warning sirens. There is a peculiar policy here in Hamilton County Ohio where the (tornado) sirens are activated whenever there is a severe thunderstorm warning in conjunction with a tornado watch. A severe thunderstorm alone does not activate the system-- there must be a tornado watch in progress at the same time. I question this policy and was wondering what some of you in other states experience in your hometowns. Some of you live in areas where severe wx is frequent and I was curious if you thought the system I described above was a good/bad idea. Last week in Cincinnati we had about a one hour period when a few severe thunderstorms w/rotation passed through the tri-state area and the sirens ran continuously. Having lived in this area for many years, I myself have grown accustomed to the sirens and I'm concerned that when there is an actual touchdown, people will not be able to distinguish it from an ordinary T-storm warning. Any comments.