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Billy Griffin

With all the rough weather going on, from tornadoes in Texas to blizzards in Bismark, we have finally caught a short-lived break from the hum-drum rain and clouds here in the Pacific NW. Today has been an absolute georgous day, making for a photographer's dream! My son and I took a short hike up to Rainier this afternoon and managed to capture a few photos I wanted to share here...

The winds were calm most of the day, but as sunset approached, the upper-level winds began kicking in, making for a jaw-dropping lenticular cloud display over the summit of Mt. Rainier. We came across several groups of campers and volunteer groups who are helping repair a lot of the damage to Mt. Rainier National Park following the devastating floods back in late November. The north portion of the park remains closed to vehicular traffic, but you can hike (thankfully).

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you enjoy the photos! More pictures to be posted at


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We were on the NW side of Rainier, just below Mowich Lake. You have to snowshoe up from points higher than the entrance to Mowich Lake. The roads are obviously closed, and the snow is likely in excess of 20' deep in most locations.

Indeed Liberty Ridge is visible on the LEFT side of the photos. Photo #2, top right, has Liberty in good view before the mountain became obscured by the lenticular formations.

We have been hiking up the Carbon Glacier a few times this year, and these photos today were taken from near Tolmie Peak, close to Eunice Lake. I may post a couple more photos of the reflection in the lake today. The winds were just enough to cause more of a "ripple" than I had hoped, but all in all, after the widespread floods, power outages and damage we've suffered over the past month and a half, today's pretty weather was a Blessing!

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