Is there a state with more diverse weather than Colorado?

Leaving work last night from Denver, it was the time I got to I25 it was quickly deteriorated into full on wet heavy snow with low visibility and horribly slushy road conditions. Took 2.5 hours to go 52 miles to my home in the eastern plains.

This morning I woke up to 6"+ of heavy wet snow but roads were clear-ish.

Trip home from work tonight on dry roads took an hour per normal.

Last week I was wearing shorts and flip flops to work. Today I wore long johns and boots.

Last Friday I chased storms. Today I shoveled my driveway.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!
Last friday evening got a thundershower & even pea-size hail.

Monday evening I drove home in light rain (mixed rain/snow by the time I got home). After sunset, that converted to big wet flakes (those falling was quite pretty actually...I got out the videocamera, but it was probably too dark for anything to turn out), and it didn't take long for that to turn the yard white. I de-snowed some of my trees/shrubs before bed (and again in the middle of the night). Got somewhere close to 6" overnight (roads were clear in the morning though). Around where I work , a 15-20 min drive away, it was only in the 2-3" range. My sister got more than me, she didn't say how much, but apparently quite a bit of tree damage in her area.

Had some light mixed rain/snow on the drive home yesterday too, but it didn't amount to anything.