To do list...

Jason Boggs

Every year about this time I sit and brainstorm about all the things I didn't get done last year and all the things I need to do this year. I try to get the list completed by mid-March because I don't want April 1st to sneak up on me and make me realize that I didn't get this or that done. We all know April will be here before we know it so let's get prepared NOW!!! Here is a to do list that I need to get done. If a few of us compile a list, maybe someone will be reminded of some of the things they need to get done too.
  1. Replace timing belt on truck
  2. Get the windshield replaced
  3. Check vehicle thoroughly: hoses, belts, battery, tires, etc...
  4. Make sure GPS is working right
  5. Buy extra battery for laptop
  6. Make sure inverter is working properly
  7. Buy tapes for video camera
  8. Get video camera cleaned
  9. Get KAMR logos made for side of doors 18X12
  10. Get new cell phone and plan from Cingular (COMPLETED)
  11. Buy a digital caliper to measure hail size
  12. Buy a Canon 350/400D camera
  13. Get list of Holiday Inn Express Hotels in tornado alley (COMPLETED)
  14. Get an extensive list of all public libraries in tornado alley (COMPLETED)
I also make sure my first aid kit is stocked and up to date.
Something else I always keep with me in the trunk is clear plastic sheeting and duct tape for obvious reasons.
My top 5 priorities:
1. Get the brakes done on my car.
2. Replace hoses and service the cooling system.
3. Service the exhaust and fuel systems.
4. Replace the A/C Compressor, went out again (Second time in over a year).
5. Replace the broken digital camera, and possibly buy new video equipment.

Hopefully I can accomplish everything by late March or Early April.
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Buy radar detector(since I'm beyond overdue for a speeding ticket).
Here's my short list of things I know I am going to do mechanically in the next month and a half. At nearly 135k miles, it's time for some of it.

New Tires
New Front Struts
New Rear Shocks
Have two broken lug bolts need replacing
New Spark Plugs and wires
Oil and Filter change
Tranny Oil and Filter change
Fuel filter change
Cabin Air Filter change
New PCV Valve
Need a new cleaning kit for my K&N filter
Replace left inner tie rod end
Check engine light is on (suspect O2 sensor) so that needs to be diagnosed and fixed
Replace back lift gate door and wiper motor (minor accident in the rear cratered the rear door)
Replace all 3 wiper blades
Check brakes (were redone about a month ago, should be ok)
Windshield still needs to get replaced from a hailstorm last year sometime.
New cups for anemometer
Replace ham radio (blew the finals in my old one)
Completely redoing my consols and upgrading a few pieces of equipment.
and at some point in there the TV station is doing a full graphic wrap on it as well.

Gonna fee like I have a new chase vehicle by the end of March! The fun part is I am doing almost all of this work myself!
Wow David! Glad it's you doing all that work and not me! Like you said, once your finished, you will basically have a new ride for this year. Good luck with all that stuff!
I have several things I've got to do to my suburban before season starts...

-build and install laptop stand (square-tube and 1/2 inch plexi fabrication)
-reinstall equipment (amber roof light, inverters, GPS reciever, etc.)
-install my Viper Alarm for security
-buy cannon rebel
-build better Ham radio console
-time for a new 1st aid kit
-air filter
-new anemometer
-maybe complete a dual battery setup? (1999 suburban comes stock with 2 trays)
-breaks (pads)
-and prolly the most important.... install all needed software and drivers onto my new dell laptop. I've been slacking on that one.
-arrow stick for the back, maybe

already have new tires, head gaskets, and oil change (will have to do that again before chase season though.)

For most of it, im waiting for the green stuff (aka: money) to magically appear in a suitcase at my front door as I leave the house for school. That would be nice...

-Shawn Scovel
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For most of it, im waiting for the green stuff (aka: money)

I hear that! If I don't have enough of that "green stuff", I will have to give up on the new Canon dig. camera. I'm working lots of overtime at work so hopefully I can get the new toy.
I typically don't have much of a to do list before a chase season, but this year is an exception.

1. Tune car up, have timing belt replaced
2. Get new tires... my aquatreds have 70k on and are nearly bald
3. Buy a new camcorder to replace barely functioning antique 8mm Sony
4. Buy new batteries for my Canon Powershot; they're dead
5. Test WX-WORX one more time... it more than likely will need to be sent in for repair as it's rarely worked since August
6. Buy a GPS (I never end up doing this; we'll see)

Either most of this stuff will have to go on a credit card, or I'll be chasing on foot with a cell phone and a weather radio this spring.