The Ultimate Tornado Siren

Oct 12, 2005
Little Elm Texas
I think SDS has finally gotten the better of me and I hope spring comes soon before it's too late. Alright guys this is going to be a strange contest post but I was curious to see which tornado warning siren in any state stands out as the best of the best. Although I now live in Texas I have to say that after chasing many storms accross the alley Aurora Colorado has the greatest sounding tornado sirens ever, vastly superior to the ones in Texas or Oklahoma. I even made a recording of it but here is why I think it it wins over all.
1) Incredible audio echo effect which carries over great distance and sounds amazing.
2) The female voice sounds incredible and it defenitly gets peoples attention during a tornado warning or a test. "Attention this is a tornado warning take shelter." or the all clear message at the conclusion of a test "Our emergency warning has been cancelled this is an all clear message" Hearing these messages broadcasted from multiple locations at different intervals is simply incredible. On the other hand the ones here in Texas need to be updated what's with the boring voice that simply repeats "test, test" we need to upgrade our tornado sirens if we have to hear these things in test mode on the 1st Wednesday of every month at least make it worth our while as long as we don't have to pay for it.
Central Ohio sirens are some of the loudest I remember... growing up in Circleville, OH, I remember those well! Not many places in the county (Pickaway) where you couldn't hear those things! I know the one near my old house was replace after the F-3 tornado of October 1999 damaged it.

As far as the loudest and most annoying, I would have to say this one:

I think this video is from Franklin County, OH.
Q.) What do you do when the sirens go off?

A.) Grab a camera and your cell phone and walk as close to it as possible so you can film it AND blow your eardrums out.
"I left my ear protection home... I don't care this is a safety issues and I'm doing it!"
"OH! Oh god, it is turnning over this way! Holy crap, oh Sh#@t!"

She got so close you can here the motor that spins the siren around. the 3-6th are the funniest videos. By the wway, this is the 3016, same model as the first fideo in this thread.
OK, I have never heard a siren "talk." That person is nuts.

Yes I am nuts largely due to SDS conditioning however I'm totally honest the Aurora Colorado air raid siren does have an automated voice with the message "Attention this is a tornado warning" or you can also hear it in test mode "This is a test of the Aurora emergency outgoing warning system this is only a test" The system then sounds the warning siren repeatedly for several minutes. Afterward the voice comes back stating "Our emergency warning has been cancelled this is an all clear message."