The Art of Storm Chasing (DVD)

Dec 4, 2003
I thought I'd throw my video into the mix.

The Art of Storm Chasing (59 min) (DVD)

An insiders' narrated look at storm chase techniques, strategy, equipment, and safety. We did this video back in 1999. Some of the equipment section has become a little dated (i.e. nothing about cell phones and WiFi), but it's still a spectacular production. Features interviews with Tim Marshall and Gene Rhoden, and some of their best clips.

Have had this for ages and also the other DVD "Stormwatcher".
Both are first class productions and you can actually learn something from them - would recommend any newcomers to get these just for the information on them.
I have also had this one for several years and highly recommend it. It's a really good look into what goes on when you chase. Very well done production too. A must for new chasers!!
I did a review of the VHS of this compilation a few years ago, it's in the "equipment" section under "reviews."

I'm pleased to learn this video has come to DVD, it's one of the best all-around educational (and entertaining) chasing videos in existence. Tim and Shannon work well together illustrating/narrating each segment, and Tim Marshall and Gene Rhoden provide the tornadoes and a touch of humor. As I said in my original review, this video is excellent for chasers of all experience, not just beginners.
What a surprise! Christmas is here, and so is this DVD! I enjoyed watching this very much, especially the part where that wedge appeared out of nowhere in that precipitation area. Wow.

This is a very professional production (would you expect anything less from Tim Vasquez?) and provides a nice overview of the many aspects of chasing. I especially liked the explanation of how to interpret the 500mb and 300mb maps. Now all I have to do is read The Storm Chaser's Handbook, which Santa was also kind enough to leave behind.
There's a small easter egg after the closing credits... in case anyone might have missed it. :)

I remember the first time I saw that. I love surprises like that, which reward those who are patient enough to sit through a credit roll. I really love that...
Oh man! I really like that video! I just watched it 3 times in less than 24 hours, remind you that I heavily suffer from SDS. :lol:

All in all, excellent production, beautifull images and it is sure grreat to see great people like the 2 Tim's and Gene in one package!

Good work guys!