TDWR live data

Kevin Scharfenberg

For those of you who have never seen Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) data in real time, check out this link to my work web page: . Right now, there are a few interesting storms developing southwest of Norman worth taking a look at. Note the high PRF reflectivity and velocity images update every 60 seconds when storms are nearby.

The data will sometimes be available, particularly when interesting weather is happening in central Oklahoma. Producing the images takes some of my workstation's resources, though, so the web page will be not show the data most of the time.

I love that radar... not as good at long range, but near-radar spatial and temporal resolution is awesome... You know it's cool when you see outflow as well as in the below. I think it's exciting that imagery from various radars are now available online... beit TDWR, Level II 88d, or Phased Array, all of which are available either on NSSL pages or associated pages...

[Broken External Image]:
Great stuff! The outflow patterns and boundaries are amazing. These lower power thresholds and higher intensity resolutions provide a great forecast capability which to me seems not fully realized by NEXRAD. Or does NIDS Level 2 provide this?
L2 reflectivity has the same horizontal resolution as standard NIDS, but the DBz resolution is better (intensity scale) - NIDS provides a DBz resolution of 5DBz, while L2 is .5DBz. L2 velocity has better horizontal resolution - 250m (as opposed to NIDS 1km), and better precision of velocity (knts) - 1knt (compared to NIDS velocity of 10knts).