Target Area rules are not required in this forum

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Dec 4, 2003
The Target Area guidelines and rules do not apply in the Winter Weather forum (nor in the Tropical Discussion area).

I noticed some threads that use the FCST/REPORTS/etc structure. This is not mandatory, but I do appreciate everyone's efforts to not create too many threads for one event; this helps the readability of the content on our site.


While Target Area rules do not apply here, the Stormtrack staff expects some substance to any posts that are made in this subforum. Since the winter weather season is fast approaching, we wanted to post a reminder that will at least offer some basic guidelines for what you should contribute in a Winter Weather discussion thread, as a few issues have already emerged.

The following excerpt from the FAQs/Rules still stands for all parts of the forum, including the Winter Weather discussion forum:

2. Post content standards
Stormtrack does not allow posting of weather bulletins, link lists, or statistics unless substantial original information is added to the post. Copyrighted material may not be posted unless there is clear consent by the owner or the post abides by the principles of fair use. Signatures shall not blink or be set in an oversized font, and must not exceed a total of four lines in length. Also note that specific subforums like Target Area may have special requirements in place; these must be observed and followed.

Oftentimes a post will simply contain a list of links to external sources, such as AFDs or numerical model products with winter weather forecast information. While it's certainly acceptable to either include or direct users to some of these external resources (i.e., NWS AFDs, HPC winter wx graphics, Accuweather snowfall forecasts, etc.), you must include some of your own "informative commentary" in a post, preferably in the form of some sort of forecast synopsis of your own, which might include an explanation of why you are including said link(s), tables, bulletins, data, etc (if not obvious).
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