Subscription severe weather chaser outlooks!?

Moderators - Feel free to move post if this is out of place, since this is more of a service than a "product".

NOTICE: This is a proposed idea..... and is not looking to compete against other services, such as the excellent Tim Vasquez Chase Hotline.
I am dreaming of using a resource available to fill a niche (if there is one left in the world of weather), without blindly treading or trampling on the work of others.

So my question is....... would having a chaser-centric severe weather outlook be something you would pay for in the spring? I work for a weather company that has done site-specific severe weather forecasting for clients from Denver to Miami....... but a lot of the forecast knowledge we garner from day to day in the spring goes to waste for the small towns and cities between our major clients that do not get our information...... or to chasers for that matter.

Theoretically, the "product" would best be defined by chasers (and ST members for that matter), and would include information outside of just the weather...... for example:

(Severe weather expected in Rooks County, KS in 2 hours)
Additional info:
Nearest WiFi: Hays, KS (Super 8, ....etc)
Cellular outlook:
Cingular: no coverage, N.Ellis County end of area near I-70
Verizon: etc.
Sprint: etc.
Nearest repeaters:
Hays (Ellis Co.) - 146.79 (-)
Best roads:
N-S: US 183
E-W: US 24
Nearby food, amenities:
Best lodging:
Tree cover:
Low (its W KS!)..... except near the river S of US 24.
Something you should know about this area that the tourist guides omit:
Blah blah

(Graphical versions to much of the additional info would/could be available as well)

So the goal is to provide a complete resource to the chaser(s) in the logistics battle that we know as storm chasing.... along with the actual info on the storm event itself.

What do you think? Stupid? Awesome? It is your thoughts that would dictate the design of the product (if launched), so all comments would be a great help.
I like the idea about the non weather related products. I've been putting together a chase "binder," of similar products such as radio frequencies, libraries/places with wi-fi, etc. So I'm sure stuff like that would be useful..