Street Atlas 2006

Does anybody have SA 2006 yet. And if you do, did you get it with the reciever or without? If you got it with out are you useing the 2004-05 reciever. I would assume that, that reciver would work with 2006. But I would like a confirmation before I dive in and just get the software itself.

Heres a link
I just got street atlas 2006 with the GPS receiver and I love it! I do have a question for those who have it...What zoom level works best for you? I am leaning toward a zoom level of 9-0
I just use whatever suits me for the roads I'm on. I paid $99 for 2006 w/ receiver.
Map Accuracy

Just don't put allot of faith in the accuracy of the maps. Many roads look like they're indicated as paved, but they are not. Some indicated roads do not exist while non indicated roads do. Don't let these maps get you painted into a corner.
Agree with Rob, don't force yourself to HAVE to count on SA2006.... it is an excellent program....but some of the roads haven't been updated in 3-5 years, even in metro areas.

However, it is in many ways an improvement over the previous best: SA9 (from about 4 years ago). The clarity of road networks is much improved, as well as neat-o GPS-finding tools built in where you can find points of interest (the double cheeseburger at McDonalds) within a certain radius of the GPS. I have tested this feature somewhat and works fairly well.

And to answer someones previous post, I usually keep the magnification between 9 and 11. (11 for county roads)
I just picked it up (SA2006 $50.00 Best Buy) last night. I loaded it last night and will use it today when I head out so I will see how well it works. As everyone else has said don't count one it 100%. I used SA2005 last year and got hosed a few times on what the roads should have been.

But all in all it is a good tool to help navigate on where you have been and where you are going.

I should have mentioned that it's much better then trying to mess with paper maps. Another benifit is a second by second position log that can be recorded when using a GPS. The recorded GPS log (which is located in a GPL file) can be converted to a text file with free software you can find on the internet.
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I was just going to order that this week, Mike I'm assuming you are talking about this:
How well does it work for you if you've tested it out already? Everything smooth, this is going to be the first time I go with GPS and maps on the computer.

That's the one. I love it. As most people have already said, don't rely on it 100%, but what map can you rely on 100%? And like they said, it doesn't have some updates (a major piece of road added about 4 years ago by my house isn't on there). I use it along with paper maps, but you always run the risk of getting a dead-end. Other than that, I like it so far, only used it a few times.
I just grabbed SA '06 with the receiver from ePay for ~$90 shipped and look forward to using it. I wanted something that had a small receiver that I can slap on the dash and not be in the way, and this looks like it'll fit the bill nicely. The last thing I wanted to worry about was another antenna on the roof, or having to mount 2 seperate antennas on both vehicles that I'd use this in.

We just got a laptop with some guts last fall, so most of this "high tech" mapping stuff is new to me :eek: