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Lose the x2?

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Tim, moderators:

Is there any chance that we can simply go back to "Stormtrack"....and lose the "x2" now that some time has passed since the rework?

I came in after the x2, but to me, a x2 would stand for a second version of sorts of the original (which I know why it's there), but this is still the original StormTrack.
How about a poll for bringing back the print magazine?? :) There was nothing better for SDS than opening the mailbox to find the latest issue.

I voted to toss the x2 and voted for the idea from Amos to put the print version back in business.
How about a poll for bringing back the print magazine??

Sounds good, but I think one would have to pay Tim M. quite a sum.

Anyway, the x2 vote looks pretty conclusive... I'm changing it back.

I really miss that magazine myself. I'm sure the thing took a considerable amount of work to create, but there was something special about it that just can't be duplicated online. I was a teen when I first subscribed, but I enoyed waiting for those little bi-monthly magazines to arrive in the mail.

As to the original question, I suppose I'd vote for getting rid of the x2 as well.
I miss the print version,too. But we're going to have to figure out some way of cutting off the hurricane machine so Tim will have time to work on the magazine.
As far as the print version goes, I think that the subscriptions began to dwindle quite a bit, with a peak around 1996 due to "that movie".

It was a labor of love for Tim to keep it going as long as he did.

Now, I'm not in any way connected to ST, but I would think if SOMEBODY else wishes to take on the incredible responsibililty AND the cost of publishing a new 'round...perhaps Tim M. and Tim V. would consider giving permission.

Tim gave it up because (at least I think..) it was losing $$$$, was taking too much time, and this new fangled thing called the internet.

****Remember that we chasers are just a very SMALL minority only totalling in the 100's. Not NEARLY the number needed to push such a publication forward...unless somebody out there has some incredible resources and time.

Rather, I would think that teaming up with Weatherwise....offering an editorial within their magazine called "Stormtrack" might be the way to go.

Anyways...my thoughts...for what they're worth.
(not much)

It certainly was a labor of love! Just a thought....

If someone takes it on, what about electronic publication (PDF), whereby you subscribe to a bbs site that maintains the current issue and any archives. Submissions and discussions can also be handled on the same board.

Almost all of the subscriber base should be comfortable with that format, and the only distribution cost is ISP bandwidth.

Interesting thought, except....

We have almost the same thing here.

This was Tim's (M/V) motivation to do this board.

In fact, I think there was a period of time where the brass at ST actually considered something like that (i.e. paid service), but the wisely chose not to.
(Could be wrong)

Most all of the other hobby-type magazines have a web-based counterpart (Sky & Telescope, Four-Wheeler, etc...). They've set it up to compliment each other. Who knows what the current thinking of the editors dealing with the future of their paper versions. It would be interesting to hear from those who are in the business.

Although we have over a 1000 subscribers (maybe more), how many would subscribe to a paper version?

Originally posted by CHris Whitehead
how bout a poll for bringing back the target map. Maybe its just me but the one and only time i think i made use of it, I scored BIG TIME. F3

I am in total agreement! Was nice to put my forecasting skills up against everyone elses. I just have not been trying to further my novice skills since the map was taken down, miss that drive to see how I progressed (or regressed, LOL!).
I need practice desperately, please bring back the map! :)
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