Storms of 2006 - Charity DVD

I remember seeing a video of the Sadalia, MO tornado but I don't remember if it was a chaser or a local. They were shooting right out side their backyard. Anyone know who shot this?


Hello Everyone,

I am searching for video from March 12 2006. If you have any video or still images of this date please PM as soon as possible. Furthermore if you know of anyone who has video please let me know also.


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If anyone has video of 11/27/05, can you please PM me? It doesn't necessarily have to be of the "Cold-core" There were other tornadoes that day further south and east. Thanks,

I remember seeing a video of the Sadalia, MO tornado but I don't remember if it was a chaser or a local. They were shooting right out side their backyard. Anyone know who shot this?


if its the video i think your talking about... i am pretty sure it was a local. I would call the tv stations around that area if i were you and at least they could give you the contact (kansas city or columbia). we had it on cbs newspath so you might try cbs stations first.
Hey everyone,
I'm proud to announce that the Storms of 2006 website is up and ready to take pre-orders! Be the first to get your copy - set to ship in late November 2006. Right now it's Paypal, checks and money orders - Credit Cards coming soon.


Link to our site with this banner! Time to spread the word and get the energy going on this great project!
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I just bought my copy of Storms of 2006 and I am looking forward to watching the DVD.

I am glad there are options to donate extra money along with buying a DVD. My chase season was pretty awful so its nice to help out other than with footage.

Bill Hark

Eastern Fury: Tornadoes of the Eastern United States

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I was the first person to buy one. have the money order and I am sending 50$ so please send the extra money to charity thankyou. Will maill out the money order this week.
David Helpling has voluteered to help us with our musical needs. He has a vast catalog with everything from my ambient/cinematic works and films to driving underscore and video game a decent selection of songs he's produced and co-written with some great artists... Check out his website at:

Chapter producers, if you need music for your segments, please email David at: [email protected]

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Hey all contributors - please send me a recent picture and one paragraph Bio about yourself to be used on our website.

Send to: [email protected]


EDIT: Come on people - don't be shy, I've only gotten 2 Bios and 1 picture! Thanks, Verne

Also be sure to email David Helpling [email protected] for music, he just sent me some of his work and it's REALLY REALLY good!
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Am i the only one that has this footage (april 6th) ? After extensively reviewing the footage i have it strangely mirrors my April 15th Beatrice footage other than I didnt get a video shot up into the tube overhead..

I might let it go if your still interested.. ;)

yep, I want all the footage from that day of all the tornado video. I want to do some tricked out editing where it is all in a time line of events like the show 24. Kind of like how I edited the Hurricane Charley DVD with all 7 cameras to give the viewer the fly on the wall look.

If anyone has footage, the more the better, edit all the video down to 4:3 or 16x9 standard def and export it to mini dv. Ship it off to me.

Doug Kiesling
PO Box 17331
Minneapolis, MN 55417

As soon as I get the tapes, I'll get the paperwork Verne needs to include the video in the project to you.
Nov 12, 2005

Hi everyone:

I'm the CP in the Nov. 12th 2005 Tornadoes in Hospers, IA, and Ames, IA.

If anyone has any video, that would be great. I do have some from the Hospers, IA area, but I am looking for anything additonal for that day.


Yesterday, the International Journal of Meteorology and TORRO held the 1st International Severe Weather Film Festival at Oxford Brookes University in England.

We had many entries but the winner was judged, by the audience votes, to be "The Storms of 2005", which was produced by Greg Stumpf and Jim LaDue...there were many other contributers and producers of this film, so congratulations to all involved.

We spoke to Greg via Skype, and he very kindly donated the £750 prize to charity.

Paul Knightley.

Just to make sure everyone sees this about the Storms of 2005!
Hi all,
Just a heads up that we are one week away from Chapter's due on Monday Oct 30th.

Video Contributors, if you have not gotten your video to your chapter producers - please
make arrangements to do so now.

Chapter Producers, make sure you have your chapter done complete with:
1) Title clip included with date and location.
2) Synoptic setup and voice over or text explanation.
3) Copyrights in the bottom right corner on all clips.
4) Ending credits with all contributors recognized.
5) Background music added.
6) Runlength 10 - 15 minutes per chapter.

Everything's looking great for manufacturing to begin mid November and shipments starting
late November!
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wrapping up 04/06/06 chapter

Just wanted to let everyone who sent me video for the April 6th event that the final edit is being completed after several edits just due to time. I had 7 different camera views from 6 people including me that started out at 45 minutes. All of the video was great but as Verne said, even some good stuff will end up on the cutting room floor.

But nobody was left out so this should make for one interesting chapter.