Storm structure quiz

Answer to this quiz as disclosed 11/19 is B


On this photo, there are 7 zones to look over. Only one zone will be the correct location of where tornadogenesis occurred shortly after this photo was taken. This is a tornadic supercell photo so this is not a trick or loaded question. Feel free to add comments as to why you selected the zone you did. Thought this might be a good storm structure quiz for newbies and veteran chasers alike.
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Brian, great photo quiz. At first glance, I thought it was easy but the more I look at it, the more difficult the quiz becomes. I am thinking "D" since there seems to a be a hint of a lowering and it is under the main updraft. There appears to be an inflow band coming in from the right. Since it is a still, looking for rotation is difficult. My second choice is "B" especially with the possibility of a clearslot forming just to the left. E and F are too far into the precip core.

Answer: D

Bill Hark
My first observation is to follow the apparent inflow band coming in from the right to lead into the location of the meso, which would seem to be somewhere between area D and B. A wall cloud can barely be made out in the vicinity of D, so, I'll concur with Bill and go with D.
I am also favoring D, there appears to be an inflow boundary, likely between the FFD and the inflow to the right. The location looks slightly lowered and appears rain free. There is some sunlight coming through near the 'Storm' lettering, either suggesting some RFD or that this is the edge of the cell.
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I'm going to go with B on this one. From the photo, it looks like a good area of rotation to me.
2 gut feelings for myself leave me to believe it will only be either "A" or "B" simply because of the distance from the rain curtain to the right. Looks like D,C,E,F are too close to the rain curtain.

My final Guess= B

My thought is that a meso appears to be hidden between B and D, B appers to be influenced by both the Meso closer to D and the RFD in the top left portion of the image.

My choice is B, will be looking for the truth on Sunday.
My very first thought was B. Then I studied harder and D jumped out. However, first impressions are always the safest bet. I go with B as my final.

Great idea Brian, keep them coming.
The meso circulation appears to be circulating toward the camera at A and away at B. Inflow band appears to be directed toward D, with flanking line off left. Given the storm motion relative to the camera, I'd expect the tornado to appear shortly at B. To my eyes, the E, F, and G action seems to represent a left split.
I'm going with 'C' for this... hard to say in this shot, but the location of the photographer makes me think he's a bit far from the business area of this storm. Hard to say, though... very interesting quiz!
I cant tell for sure from the pic but A or B is my impression.. Most likely A
I'll go with A as well -- since it does seem to be too cool/wet (storm-scale negatively buoyant air) to the right of the A (and definitely B) region to produce a tornado.
Great Picture Brian. It has taken some thinking on my part again to figure out the proper part of the picture where the tornado eventually came down. I know, I was with you, so I won't disclose the answer. I am really enjoying this thread as I read the logic each person has behind their choice. Keep it up Brian. I'd love to see more posts like this one. Hope you've thought about posting a picture of the tornado with the correct answer Sunday.
"A" was the first thing in the image that got my attention before I even read the question, so I should go with "A" but I won't. I will use a little different logic and chose "D" because I think Brian most likely centered the image on the area with the strongest rotation. At least that is what I would have done.