Storm Pic of the Month

What if we had a contest like that? I doubt there would be any prizes other than the recognition, but if we put a post up for pictures, then at the end of the month a poll, how would that be? I think it'd just be a great way to recognize the good pictures as well as see some interesting structure.
A Photo Contest?

I am totally against the idea of a "photo contest" for storm chasers. This smacks of cut-throat competition among chasers as they strive to see who can come up with the closest photo of a supercell or tornado without getting blown away or sucked up.

I would much rather have a thread where storm chasers can put up what they think is their "best" photo of the 2004 storm chase season. Then we can have a separate thread to discuss the merits of each photos. The same thing can be done for the "best" video of the season, etc. No voting or lobbying will be allowed, etc.

Obviously a photo contest would preclude some storm chaser like myself who has not seen a tornado yet this season. Closest I came was a wall cloud that passed close to Lincoln NE last June and I only had a partial view of the cloud structure as it passed by.

There are other photographic interests like lightning pictures, storm damage, hail stones, etc. that has to be considered. Let's not get into a competitive contest. Let's share our thoughts about the 2004 storm chase season thru photos and videos.

That's my 2 cents and change. Thanks. 8)
Say whatttt Larry? I don't see any problems with a photo contest. You could have a couple different categories.... tornadoes... supercell structure... etc.

Re: A Photo Contest?

I don't think anybody is going to risk life or limb to get a photo to post on ST.
They are doing that to get some elusive $50,000 check that somebody might pay them for it. :p
I don't think the problem is with the danger involved, but more with the subjective nature of photography. What one person thinks is a really cool structure could be seen as nothing spectacular to someone else. Since we all can appreciate what it takes to create such masterpieces (made solely of air and water, nonetheless! :shock: ) I have a feeling that it would turn into a big gripefest about why this person's LP is a better picture than that person's LP.
I think the concept is good - but would perhaps require some leveling of the field in regards to photographic technical quality as the majority here are amatuers without the benefit of high end equipment. I'd also suggest opening up the breadth of the photos to weather topics - as storms will be regionally tough to come by for most months in many parts of the country. As we know, weather is a bit easier for everyone to come by :D As for Larry's concerns, I guess we can hope that most of us would judge the photographic merit in terms other than how close someone was to a tornado.

You're takign it wrong...i mean a cool picture of storms. Doesn't have to be a supercell, a nice meso, or a tornado. It can be the way the sun reflects through a layer of altostratus to give nice color. It can be a picture of a distant lightning bolt lighting up the scene ahead...anything with weather.

"The closest I got was a wall cloud...with a partial view..."

Maybe the way the sun hit that wall cloud to give a nice view of the structure of the wall/meso or something.

Photo's would probably have they're name, or we could have people email pictures to one person to post...and everyone knows that the polls on these forums are anonymous...