Storm Chaser Wanted

I din't know if it's the good place to put this, but I got this message in my e-mail box.. I don't know how legit it is but anyway, here it goes...

Please forward this to fellow storm chasers


Richard Heene
Science Detective Research Group / Tornado And
(310) 820-3752
e-mail: [email protected]

Storm Chasers Wanted!

Los Angeles, CA – April 29, 2005 –Richard Heene of the
Science Detective Research Group is seeking the
cooperation of storm chasers, the news media, and NOAA
to help us to gather electromagnetic sound signals of
tornados synchronously linked to video of the tornado.
Using these matched sound and video records the group
hopes a more accurate early warning detection system
can be created.

The group calls this proposed measure the “Hâ€￾ factor.
Where the Fujita Scale measures the all over
destructive effects of a storm, the “Hâ€￾ factor will
measure the second by second potential danger present
in a storm. By identifying characteristic signals that
tend to mark dangerous periods during storms and
incorporating them into a predictive measure the group
hopes to be able to identify super cells that may form
a vortex which will touch down and cause damage.

In their first attempt to try and find the predictive
clues to touch-down and destruction in a developing
tornado, they will investigate signals emitted by
storms in the very low frequency, VLF, spectrum. The
group believes that clues to the internal dynamics of
a storm may reveal themselves in these radio waves.

Steve McGreevy has been using VLF radio waves to track
auroras and his work has been collaborated by the
University of Iowa, Plasma Wave Group. Steve has been
successful in recording aurora electromagnetic fields
(use the links to Steve's website to learn more). In
listening to the aurora he discovered (to his
annoyance) that lightning strikes from thousands of
miles away could interfere with his recording.

However we are hoping that clues to predict tornado
touchdown and behavior can also be found in the VLF
region of the radio spectrum.

The group would like to accumulate 20 to 30 tornado
video and audio recordings from start of super cell to
finished tornado. They would also like to see
recordings of super cells that begin to form tornados
but then fail. Using this data they will try and match
movement to the recorded signals, and hope to identify
characteristic patterns as the storms develop,
touchdown, and finally collapse.

To get the data, Storm chasers will be asked film and
record the electrical signals from the developing
tornado. In addition the group would like them to
measure the pH balance in the rainwater and the pH
balance of the water after it makes contact with
leaves, grass, and lakes. It is believed that acid
rain mixed with an alkaline evaporation causes more
positive ions to rise into the atmosphere. This
material then becomes paramagnetic and reinforces the
magnetic field lines of the vortex.

After the footage is collected and studied, the storms
will be compared to try and extract a common
denominator that will tell us something about the
storm behavior.

If this early warning system can be developed
according to plans, we will be able to save many lives
and maybe even develop a way to detour vortices.

Storm chasers can participate by visiting The Science
Detective Research Group site at

The Science Detective Research Group is located in Los
Angeles, California. The company investigates unsolved
mysteries of science. For additional information on
The Science Detective Research Group / Tornados And
Mesocylcones, visit their web site,
e-mail: [email protected].

Richard Heene is available for guest appearances and
phone interviews.
(310) 820-3752
Scroooooooooooballs! :roll:

Maybe they can get together with the crazies who want to blow them up. Sorry, but the part about the pH of rainwater is just totally loopy IMHO.
I'm just wondering how may chasers carry the gear to record electromagnetic activity in tornadoes?
Originally posted by Shane Adams
I'm just wondering how may chasers carry the gear to record electromagnetic activity in tornadoes?

I really doubt if anybody does....but they are selling the equipment for the LOW LOW discounted price of $105.00

You would think that if they wanted help that bad...they could LOAN you the equipment.
Am I the only one here who never gets these e-mails?

Anyway the part about the lightning interfering with this guy's recording of the electromagnetic signals of the aurora makes me curious - wouldn't the lightning in a tornadic storm REALLY interfere with trying to get electromagnetic readings?
Hmmm ... funny ... we never see any strange claims like this during peak storm season. VLF? electromagnetic vortex signatures? It all sounds so reasonable and scientificky. All the best to this year's crop of weather revolutionaries and their vision of transforming the science.

The group calls this proposed measure the “Hâ€￾ factor.

Apparently preparations A through G failed. Hopefully preparation "H" will live up to its expectations ... yes, on the whole, I'd say preparation "H" feels very good.
Originally posted by Jeff Wear
Am I the only one here who never gets these e-mails?

Anyway the part about the lightning interfering with this guy's recording of the electromagnetic signals of the aurora makes me curious - wouldn't the lightning in a tornadic storm REALLY interfere with trying to get electromagnetic readings?

Nope, I never get these messages either, nor am I lucky enough to have my images circulate the internet :cry: :lol:
I suppose I could use the EM Rail gun on my vehicle to help, although it more or less transmits rather than receives!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh, BTW, they forgot to mention you'd have to drag a ten-mile long directional VLF antenna, though with some creative electrics you might be able to throw a lead over the nearest 12kv powerline now and then. :wink:
Acid rain falling on alkaline grass? Wow, in that case I guess we should have observed alot of vortex enhancement back in Virginia when we lime our yards every spring.
I sent this email to him:

Am I missing something? You want storm chasers to help you out and we have to pay for the equipment, but we do get credit for helping?

And this was the reply I got back.:

Hi Charles,

I realize that sounds a bit bunk. There is a great upside. We believe that
we are 99% correct on this hypothesis and I believe that this will be one of
the greatest discoveries of the century. This will give us much more control
than we currently have.

There is potentially pay involved.

We are all volunteers at the group and we are involved because our
experiments are proving to be correct. If we can establish this early
warning system, everyone involved will be receiving credit.

If we are correct, we will be able to pay the people who volunteer $25 per
second of the successful footage that is captured of film. (It¹s in the

Steve McGreevy is discounting his receiver to just the cost, or he has
posted the schematic on his website for anyone to build. We built one
ourselves and it works great.

We already have 3 different distribution channels who want to broadcast the
discovery. Upon the signing of a distribution agreement all successful
participants will receive compensation.

We would love to have you on board. On our web site are the
details of the research. The instructions are their as well.

I will attach the pdf file now so you can give it a read through.

It¹s very exciting as we are getting world-wide coverage.

All that we ask of storm chasers is to register with us so we can keep track
of their success and to record the electromagnetic field sounds of the
developing storm and hopefully to the vortex stage. After a successful
recording, you own the rights, all that we ask is that you share the
recorded data with our research department.

The inventor of the BBB-4 VLF receiver that records the sounds of the
auroras is going to help our group by discounting the receivers at cost.

After you read the instructions of the pdf file and if you like what you
see, please forward the information to other storm chasers and the media as

If you want to be amazed check out the sounds of the auroras at
My favorite is on our website, it¹s a large file but it¹s worth it. Go to
The Sound of The Aurora.

Also check out my personal discovery of the influence of Electromagnetic
waves in tornadoes and hurricanes along with our experiments.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Richard Heene

I won't be helping out with this one.
I lost my BBB-4 VLF receiver... can I borrow your's?

I too got the same email... knew right away these guys off the wall.... perhaps a scam or just some weirdos needing a new hobby? Kinda strange how they would make you pay for all that strange equipment... really makes you wonder :?