Storm Chaser Ranking

Jamie Lahowetz

not sure where to put this. Here is a strom chaser ranking... thingy. Now, dont take the ranking to heart if you turn out not to be a "Storm Chaser God". Its ok. We think you are great the way you are..... *low tone* but seriously... you could be better

:twisted: ENJOY :twisted:

UPDATE:HEHE I Forgot the link
Thanks Larry for informing me on my webpage error, mucho mucho helpful. :lol: I think i made it with a resolution of 1024 x 768.
Where's the link?


I checked out your web site. Looks good. Only problem was the size of the web site screen was too big and I couldn't scroll right or to the bottom. I have a 800 X 600 screen. Perhaps you made your web page on a bigger screen?

Also where is the link to this storm chaser test?? :?:
Weather Spotter

I knew I would do poorly since I haven't gone storm chasing, only did some storm spotting and a couple of NOW castings this year. I got a 60, weather spotter. I fudged on a few answers so I can get out of the amateur spotter range. Next year by this time, I will do better! :D
LOL Uh Oh ... 179 -- Storm Chaser Celebrity ... Now I know I really have too much time on my hands... At least there wasn't anything about skipping school / classes for chasing ...
storm chasers

I'm not even going to take it yet b/c I don't have any gear just documentaries and books.

Mark my words, though....

That will change....that will change!!!
I WILL have everything and the little dog too!!
I got a 109, amature storm chaser - shouldn't points be given for people who are SKYWARN trained and who are recognized locally as severe weather specialists by the press? (of course around here it doesn't take much, I am all they have :eek: )

Just no need for hardware out here in NW Oregon when you have to fly in and you only get to chase a week at a time, I know that killed my score.

This reminds me of the great Ann Landers Sex Tests that we used to improve upon when we were teens in the 19somethings. Ann would never ask the really "good" questions.

Chris, the test only works with MS Internet Explorer - I tried it with Mozilla Firefox and didn't get a score.
95 and advanced spotter, lol. I agree that there is an awful lot of emphasis on gadgets and gizmos, and not necessarily on the meteorology. I don't think I ever want to chase with all of that equipment. You'd never recognize my car or my friends on a chase other than the fact that we're too close to the wall cloud to be average travelers :D
Hardware/Science questions were moot for me.

Scored a 123, and about 120 of that was from "experience" :wink:
Just for fun, I redid the ranking test, except this time, I checked every box in the education/equipment/contact/special qualifications sections and left the experience and desire fields completely blank.

I was a Storm Chasing God

I'm thinking a little tweakin' is needed on this test :wink:
Seems to be a problem with the script and my version of Netscape. No matter what buttons or how many I click it never changes from 0=general public
There must be a hidden option of subtract 200 from your score if you're not using Internet Exploder as all I get is a 0 as well.
Fun idea, but not very very accurate... there's a lot of emphasis on gear... I am a simple chaser. But anyways, I got 102, Amateur Storm Chaser. That was checking the You know Doswell and Sebenste questions... I've heard of them, seen their sites, but do not know them personally. If I uncheck those, I get 96, Advanced Spotter.
125 Here, and I haven't even "caught" a Tornado yet, only witnessed one that happened to be in the same place I was, same time too (what a concept huh?).
Score: 115

Your chaser ranking is:

Amateur Storm Chaser

Heh, since I consider myself an amateur as of yet, it was accurate for me!! :D

I did the test for David, too. I don't mind running IE on mine briefly. :lol:

David's score:
Score: 238

Your chaser ranking is:

Storm Chaser God
I think the test should deduct points for hi-tech equipment in the car because that means using less storm chasing ability and knowing how to use more technology. I got weather spotter which I hope is wrong.