Creation of a Chaser Database - Thoughts?

I noticed some profiles on Dan's site were outdated. How do you keep track of who is still at this adress and who is not at this adress anymore etc? Unless the person updates his profile there is no way of telling if the information he/she posted is still good and that makes the quality of the chaser database go down. A idea would be to send out a e-mail every year and remind everyone they still have a profile in the storm chaser database. That means more work though.

As I recall it is up to each chaser to update their own profile. There are separate links to modify / update a profile.
Not to mention the registered Yahoos that will inevitably end up on this database. Last I checked, I have never seen a "check here if you're a Yahoo" on any chase-related application or form I've ever seen.

:D Surely most of us would never consider ourselves Yahoos unless we took a test or something to score it. I was surprised in another thread where someone came up with the concept of a Yahoo rating (Y0-Y5) (similar to Fujita Scale) that I was a Y4. :D Not that I am now. Like tornadoes Yahoo effectiveness level and strength comes and goes based on the particular situation and environment. I like to think I've improved in the Yahoo factor...but does one ever really know for sure?