Storm Chaser A Photographer's Journey Book Review

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
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Storm Chaser A Photographer's Journey by Jim Reed book review

Jim Reed is a well-known storm chaser, author and weather photographer whose credits include National Geographic and Time Magazine. As a storm chaser and photographer, I have always appreciated Mr. Reed’s images and have been eagerly awaiting this book. I was not disappointed. Storm Chaser, A Photographer’s Journey is a coffee table book documenting 15 years of extreme weather photography. This volume is really a giant photo album with some amazing images. He has selected a variety of hauntingly beautiful photos of severe weather. Of course, my favorites are the tornadoes, supercells, lightning and hail. He has several tornado images though I would like a few more. Mr. Reed captures the dark intensity of tornadic storms contrasted with verdant fields or angry reds and yellows of the setting sun. He has chased hurricanes including Katrina. The photos illustrate the intense rain and wind associated with those tropical storms. There are many other images of weather including ice storms, drought, floods, dust storms and snow-covered landscapes. Examples of rare phenomena include hoarfrost in Kansas and aurora viewed from South Carolina. Although the focus is on the photos, the text is very interesting with descriptions of his storm chases, journal entries and interactions with meteorologists, storm chasers and those affected by the weather. I really enjoyed reading about Mr. Reed’s early experiences with storms, photography, and writing and how those experiences led him to storm chasing and weather photography. The book is organized by season. Although there is a general theme of global climate change affecting weather patterns, the book is not a technical analysis. Those wanting detailed information on tornado formation, weather forecasting or global warming should look elsewhere. This is an art-book with gorgeous weather photos and landscapes; beautiful to view with an underlying warning about changing climate. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in weather or who can appreciate the sublime beauty of the natural world. I am definitely inspired to go out and take more weather photos.
192 pages; Hardcover; Abrams Books

Bill Hark
I just found out that Jim Reed will be on Good Morning America on Tue, Dec 18 to discuss "Storm Chaser: A Photographer's Journey" with ABC chief meteorologist Sam Champion. Always nice to see storm chaser interviews. I think the show goes from 7 to 9 AM but check your local listings.

Bill Hark