Spring is back (for me, that is)

Thomas Loades

Sure, you in the Northern Hemisphere may be mourning the end of the chase season, but down here it's just getting started. (It's about 3 weeks 'til the equinox, but close enough.)

And today was the first time the pleasures of spring decided to pop in. This evening, a thunderstorm went past my house — not a severe one, as far as I know, but it was cool anyway because it's been so long since the last one. Good enough for me.

It was also the first opportunity for me to test my new observation post — the second floor we've just had put on our house — in a storm situation. Evidently it's good because I got the best lightning show I've seen so far. The remarkable thing was the way the bolts looked; usually, I only ever see single, vertical bolts, but in this case, they were beautifully long, drawn-out ones that looked like backwards, sideways L-shapes that vaulted across the sky rather than just flickering on the one spot. Also interesting was that the drawn-out ones were a frosty white-blue color, but those that did only flicker for a second were a darker blue. Very pretty nonetheless. At least one came very close by, and I know this because it visibly broke up into a string of beads as it "dissipated." (I don't know how else to describe that.)

Though I didn't have a camera, it was certainly a better conclusion to a day than just having the tantalizing feel of humidity in the air again — and the fact that I felt so happy when only that happened told me how badly SDSd I am.