South Carolina and other eastern tornado reports July 13

For a boring muggy and typical mid summer day under a tropical airmass, there were a number of tornado/waterspout reports across South Carolina, one in North Carolina along with a tornado warning in Virginia and an unoffical tornado sighting near the Kennedy Space Center.

I have searched some local media websites without much info. Anybody seen any video or images of these tornadoes? Also, any insight into the conditions that caused these. Winds were backed, but mid level winds fairly weak.

Bill Hark
I believe I saw the "tornado" near KSC. It was not a tornado. It was just a scud lowering. No rotation or anything like that. The storm did seem to drop a wall cloud for a bit, but I couldn't see any rotation. Nice lightning show though!

Good ole' Beaufort,SC. My old stomping grounds from age 2-8 ;). I recall several instances of waterspouts being spotted in the area... although I never got to see them!