Some videos for you guys

Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
I thought I would post up the video we (myself and Graham Butler) showed at the convention. It runs 19 min and although compressed for the web, it's still a pretty good viewing size and quality. You will probably want to have broadband to download it, as it runs 71.5 megs, but again, it's a 19 minute video!

I would rate it PG13. There is some mild language (most of it beeped out) and violent weather of course.

you might have to right click and "save as" depending on your browser. Server supports download accelerator programs too.

Also, I have been working with a couple of musical artists for our upcoming video release. I did a music video for one of them that I would like to share with you:

This music video also appears in the above movie, so you don't have to download them both unless you want to. It runs 03:46 and is 14.2 megs.

Lastly, we also showed a trailer for our upcoming video, and I would like to share that one as well:

These three things represent about 2 months worth of planning and work, I hope you guys like them.
David, I just watched it, and the "2004: Year in Review" video was spectacular. The Mulvane footage was great, but I think the Hallam segment was the best. My eyes were misting when the music really got going and the damage was shown; unbelievable. Again, great job, David, Gayla, and Graham.

EDIT: Gayla, the cover art is really cool, as are your other designs. The front cover is exactly the type that catches my eye when I'm browsing the documentary section at B&N or Hastings. Great all around effort, guys. Can't wait to see the finished product next month!
I was very impressed with the video production. Like Sam mentioned the music and still shots did add a powerful touch to the visual experience.
This will be one to buy once it is released to the public. EXCELLENT PRODUCTION David, Graham and Gayla for your artistic talents.
I hope 2005 is just as good for you! (minus the very close lightning strikes and blown out windows :lol: )
To David Drummond and crew...

You guys did a wonderfull job witht this video segment, can't wait to see the rest in March.

The Hallam segment caught me right to the heart, while watching that segment, I couldn't stop thinking about all the Hallam residents that lost so much on that day :cry:

Thanks again for sharing this!
Thanks so much guys for the nice thoughts! I was going for a definite emotional impact. I am anxiously awaiting what the artist of the "Cry" song thinks. Their group is called DITTO btw and her name is Novenda Smith. She hasn't seen it yet either! :shock:

Oh, it was asked of me if they could share those links in other forums. By all means, feel free. I have that on a domain suited for bandwidth for that purpose. :wink:

I just hope the final product come out as well as we hope!
Stunning. :shock: It has a little of everything, from beautiful tornadoes to sobering damage footage to moments of sudden white-knuckle terror. Not to mention the soundtrack. Two thumbs up!
Originally posted by Patrick Ware
David and crew,
Outstanding job and I loved the music. I actually got my wife to watch the entire video which is amazing. INCREDIBLE!!!

I am pretty thrilled about the music. When I first approached the artist, she didn't even hesitate, she was like HELL YEAH! Then she her and her partner on her own accord when back and created and send me a CD full of soundtracks just for the upcoming video. The piano segment in the end of the one I linked here was part of that. She's a FANTASTIC artist, I can see her going far! Tremendous voice!

We also were able to work something out with a Texas country artist named Mark David Manders who has been very popular in the Texas circuits for some time now and some pieces of his music will make an appearance in the release.

To further add to that, an artist from Helsinki will have some background scores in there as well.

I couldn't be happier about the music that has been afforded us on this. Been a heck of a project to say the least. :wink:
Oh on a personal note, I just wanted to thank Gayla and Graham for putting up for me the past couple of months working on all this. I have been, shall we say, a BEAR, through most of it given my anal tendencies to have everything just so so. Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth! So thanks for not running screaming into the night while I got through this.

Interesting story, I was finishing up that trailer the last night before leaving for the convention. I stayed up all night working on it, and about 4 am (we were scheduled to leave at 6 am) I was ready to encode it and clicked SAVE and the computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING for it. I was heartbroken since I had worked all night on it and wasn't going to have it for the convention.

So on Graham's idea, we packed up my desktop, I wedged the box between the front and rear seat in Graham's truck, wedged the LCD screen between the backs of the front two seats and edited trailer again on the drive up to Denver on the road!