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Ryan Dobbie

Not sure where to post this as there is no Topic Group for Quality report feedback nor is there a way to give feed back on quality comments, I am putting this here under account support. Ok so I made a report today and it was flagged. Not exactly sure why other than the 1 person that checked said to not report non rotating wall clouds how ever I have never been told this before. As this falls into the criteria as a spotter to report these in my area, so I did on here too. Ontario had a decent setup and things were firing off early so I put a narrative out about the first spotted wall cloud to inform others that things were not normal in the environment. Also after reading the quality comment I check your page for reporting criteria and long and behold there is no mention of non rotating wall clouds in the list( I pasted it below). If this is in fact a non reportable ad it to the list and correct the very first *yes report these* items. Thanks and also why was my reporting suspended after only one comment as the next report I was trying to make was a rotating wall cloud confirmed by environment Canada.

The list states this …

Minimum Severe Reporting Criteria
- All tornado, rotating wall cloud, etc. << what would etc be other than lowering features like non rotating wall clouds ??
- All hail reports allowed.
- Only measured wind speeds and/or gusts greater than 50 mph
- All severe hydro related events (flooding, flash flood, etc). Reports should include impacts.
- All notable damage generated from a storm
- All winter reports, IF they have a significant impact
- All tropical reports, IF they have a significant impact

What is NOT allowed
- No test reports. Yes this means you!
- No relay reports. First hand reports only!
- No reports delayed more than 20 minutes. Real-time reports only.
- No lightning reports
- No heat reports.
- No "sky is clear" reports
- No "storm is getting stronger/weaker" reports
- No fog reports
- No radar based reports. We have radar, too
- No reports of what you are hearing on scanner / ham radio / TV
- No rain measurements unless you believe it constitutes flood conditions.
Please use CoCoRaHS for precipitation reports!
- No snow measurements unless you believe it constitutes a dangerous situation
- No general information like "storm is crossing the Georgia border"

As you can see no mention of non rotating wall clouds in the do not report list. I would appreciate an explanation why only one quality comment blocked my account.
The report option for non-rotating was removed, and therefore there is no ability to report non-rotating wall clouds. Non-rotating wall clouds have no relationship to severe weather (i.e. MANY thunderstorms have them) which is why they were turned off.

I am slightly confused because your report type doesn't show up. What reporting tool are you using? And what did you select?

I'm not sure I understand your other comment - you should not be blocked from reporting.
I was blocked from reporting as later on this afternoon when I encountered a rotating wall cloud I attempted three times to report but was denied. I uses the "Other" function and specified it was a non-rotating wall cloud. I added the report below. the "\" and "=" were because I was using my laptop in the car (I was pulled over) as it is a small screen I didn't notice the extra characters till after submitted. The storm latter fall under a severe watch due to heavy precipitation. I understand that storms can produce wall clouds but the storm I was on had potential to ender into the shear region and pick up rotation, thus I felt it fit the current environmental situation to report and reported it as "Other / Narrative only.

13:48 May 24, 2020OtherNon-rotating wall cloud, 3km NE from my location moving North East. Heavy |Precipitation below and ahead of lowering =.
  • Very Bad
  • Only report rotating wall clouds
Sounds like you need to update your software to the latest version. The following link is in the pinned post area of Support. It addresses everything except why you were blocked. See thread here. I’m still searching for other threads within this forum that possibly address the blocked issue and have notified the SN President to swing by when he can. Please be patient as he might still be working long weeks due to the pandemic.

Do you have this information updated in your SN account? That could be why it was disabled.
It was reported directly through the SN Site, I was not on any app at the time. And my windows app was just installed in the last month so should it not be the latest ?

Been a member since the beginning of SN and my numbers have been there the whole time. I was not blocked till the report was QA'ed as bad. Thanks for the forward though.
Interesting... Can you show me where you selected "Other" from the SN site? I don't see that option anymore.

Well since posting this the forum has been changed but if you are calling Mee a lier or something your welcome to. But I am sure the owners can just go in and confirm the fact I submitted via the site.

I am not on this site or group to get fame fortune or be a socialite. I am a regional emeeregncy coordinator for ARES and use it as a tool to cross bridges with my local chasers and also log locations just like everyone else of events. I will more than gladly start my own site.
Nobody is calling anyone a liar. The form was changed a while back. Nothing was changed in the 12 hours since your report :)

I'm guessing your system had a cached version in there that didn't refresh which is the best explanation I can come up with.
The website was last updated in early May and locked for the year as we don't make changes during what should be primetime for reporting.

Your report on 5-24@13:50:17 did not select any of the available check-boxes and only included text in the text field when you submitted it via Firefox on a Windows computer. The reviewers were following the guidance provided in the newsletter that went out to all spotters this spring saying that non-rotating wall clouds would no longer be an acceptable report. You viewed the newsletter on April 8th at 2pm and again at 2:34pm.

Your account is not locked, you received a warning because 4 reviewers found your report to be low quality.

Your reports were correctly reviewed as not meeting our requirements.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.