Small Windows Tablet

Aug 31, 2021
Hot Springs, Arkansas
I currently have a 15" HP Windows Notebook I run GR on and will be running Baron MTN on.

I'm trying to decide when traveling if that would be my best option or if I should consider a smaller Windows-based tablet that can run GR and MTN (I wouldn't need anything too powerful).

Has anyone used both form factors on the road, and if so, which do you prefer?

I also have an iPad mini for RadarScope.

The primary issue with the Windows tablets is that they do not shed heat nearly as easily as even a laptop (which has inferior cooling to a desktop). If you went that route, you'd need to take care in where you mount it. We've all baked in the sun waiting on initiation more than once, and while laptops certainly can overheat as well, they're not nearly as prone to it as tablets. Also, depending on how you're planning to connect your WxWorx box to your machine, what ports are available will have to be taken into consideration

As far as screen size, the older I get, the more annoyed I get with cramming more and more information onto smaller screens. It's a big reason why I never badgered the makers of Radarscope for things like surface obs and satellite. That's also a big reason why I prefer to run a traditional laptop with at least a 15" screen (preferably 17" to be honest). I can set up multiple windows and not have to condense everything, and I've found it easier to process it when everything isn't overlayed on the same map. In addition reflectivity and velocity, all I have up on my GRL3 screen is the county lines (my saved frequencies on my radios are labeled by county name) and roads. Usually, once storms go up, I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to surface obs and the like anyway as I already have a pretty good idea at that point how things are shaping up.

Just a couple things to think about. If it were me, I would stick with the laptop in all honesty, but you'll probably get some others who pipe in and prefer a tablet.
Good pointers! Carrying my 15" Laptop is probably the best for GR and MTN. I have an iPhone and iPad mini with RS I can use if I need radar on a smaller screen (when I'm near cell coverage).