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Site display

Thank you Jeff. Mine reverted to Default Style and is working properly again now. I tried Stormtrack Dark and it was back to the messy version, and am now using Stormtrack - UI.X which as Bill says is working fine too.
Back during the management transition beginnings there was a Xenforo upgrade that happened. The Xenforo upgrade removed support for some of the styles. So if you come across a style that results in a messed up page, that means it is no longer supported and you should switch to a different style. As far as I know right now there is nothing else that can be done about that.
Finally got the site to look decent again I think for the first time in over a month with the "default style" setting. Actually, it looks like TalkWeather now.
This may clear up after the site moves, however:

Image attachments are always full-size, even if "Thumbnail" is selected when attaching them. I tried to modify the BB code to force a size, but that did not work, resulting in the code being explicitly displayed instead of the image. From poking around on Stackoverflow, it seems this is an issue that has been reported by other BB code users on various forums, but no solutions were offered (from what I could find in a brief-but-not-too-brief search.)