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Hopefully this posts okay! I have noted the alert to help change the forum display back to something which will fix the display issues caused by the update, however, I only have two options - light and dark - and neither fixes the problem! Any ideas or help? Attached is what I am seeing the site like at the moment.


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Click on your user dropdown and select "Preferences". At that point, there will be a drop down to change the site theme. The ones with a * next to it (with the exception of "Stormtrack Mark's Theme") will display normally. Not ideal, but we're working on solutions long term.

Hope this helps!


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I am having the same problem as Jamie. I followed what you said, Drew, but I do not get anything called "site themes", just styles, and the only ones offered are Stormtrack Light and Stormtrack Dark. Neither one of which yields a satisfactory result
Sorry, style is what I meant to say. But I'm not sure why it's only populating ST light and dark. Could either of you post a screenshot of the menu that pulls up when you go into Preferences?
Hi Drew, thanks for trying to help!

Here's what I see.


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I'm seeing the same issue as Jamie. Only "Stormtrack Light" and "Stormtrack Dark" are available in the drop-down where you have many other options, Drew. Tried both Firefox and Chrome with the same result. Is it possible that site mods/admins have additional options that regular users don't, and that you guys could change some settings to enable them for everyone? Anyway, just an FYI that the forum is very difficult to use with the themes available to us, and may be impossible to navigate for many who can't access the other themes.
Ok I see what's going on. I guess Staff members can see more options for styles than regular members. We'll have to dig into it further. Thank you for the screenshots. That helps tremendously.
We've found the issue keeping the other styles from showing up on the drop down. If someone could try so we can confirm that more than just "Light and Dark" are options, that would be greatly appreciated.
Still only seeing two options as well.


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I am trying it on iOS (on an iPad) and also see only light and dark themes. And I am also a moderator now, but I anm still having the same experience as others.
I'm only seeing the "Use Default Style", "Stormtrack Dark", and "Stormtrack Light" options as well.

While I'm not especially versed in this forum software, I have administered forums before (vBulletin, Simple Machines). If you need any help, or just someone with an IT background to help you test let me know.
My sincerest apologies for this issue. I may have inadvertently made a change several weeks ago that has impacted UI.X availability. I have attempted to restore it just now.

As a test, I logged out, opened a separate browser (Microsoft Edge in this case), cleared my cache, and visited the website to the register page. I scrolled to the bottom where the "Stormtrack Light" theme was indicated...


selected one of the other options, which popped up quickly:


If anyone could confirm that this works for them, I would appreciate it.

Sorry again for the mix-up.
Note also: if you're on one of the "janky" display styles, when you click the style chooser button, the list will likely pop "down" at the far bottom of the page (rather than any dialog box popping up).
Thanks for responding Jeff! I can confirm that I see the other styles now, and that changing to the "Default Style" option fixes the site rendering issue for me.

The only thing I'll mention is that you probably need to change the sites default style to something that renders properly as well. Testing on MS Edge with history/cache cleared and not logged in as anyone shows the site still janky. Since that will be the default for anyone coming to the site initially I imagine that the user perception will be that there are still problems.
Bill, can you try that again and see if the default style that shows up on a fresh visit has changed?
Sure. It looks like that works; the new default style is “Default Style”. Looks much better.

Users still experiencing this issue will need to clear their browser cache most likely, or if they’re already logged in, may need to manually choose the new style.
Additional note: the style “Stormtrack - UI.X” also seems to render properly. I’m a little limited for additional style testing at the moment as I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room on a tablet but I can look at others later.